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You probably think you have the perfect relationship–many people adore you and your significant other, the attention is amazing. Maybe you go home at night and are relieved that you can close your eyes. The emotions start to build up, you start to wonder if he loves you or not, you wonder if you are doing the right things to make the relationship work. The school work starts piling up and it gets hard. Ask yourself this, do you want to be homeless or do you want to be a successful woman? The man that loves you and who is trying to support you, tells you he loves you endlessly and that nothing will ever separate you. What you are experiencing is anxiety, the mind is slowly taking over your thinking processes and the worst is what you are thinking. Stop doing this. Are you crying now because you do not believe me? It is fine that you do not believe me, but if you continue to believe those ugly thoughts, that amazing significant other is going to be exiting the door soon. Believe him when he tells you he loves you. I know this does not sound easy, but think about your future self. 

Your Future Self

Your future self is probably relaxing in a beautiful home. Imagine your children running around and it is Christmas time. The snow is falling outside and they ask to make snow angels with you and the husband, AKA their father. The man they are referring to is the same guy you loved ten years ago, remember that girl who doubted herself and let her emotions get to her? Yes, that girl was you. What did you do? You started to believe in yourself and stopped letting your mindset control you. If being with someone you love is what makes you happy, do it girl. If there is truly a problem in the relationship talk about it. 


Let’s say you still are not believing yourself. You find yourself at night crying trying to fall asleep. I will be honest, you look silly. Why do you think he doesn’t love you? Ask yourself this question and really think about it. The answer to this is that he does love you and you need to stop being a hot mess. Tell him how you feel, but I guarantee he will tell you what I am telling you right now. I am telling you this because I used to cry over the man who loved me, and then I said, “wow I look so stupid crying right now”.

Believe in Yourself

The overall truth to what you are feeling is normal, but you must believe in yourself. Please stop crying, you do not want to have to tell your kids you cried over their dad because you doubted your love, that sounds silly. You want to tell your kids it was the most beautiful love that you’ve ever experienced and that is why they are here. Pick yourself up, wipe the tears, and enjoy the person who loves you. Life is too short for tears and doubts.

Mariana Rizzo

Youngstown '23

Hello! My name is Mariana Rizzo. Everyone calls me Mari for short. I am a third-year, Early Childhood Education Major at YSU. I work outside of school along with spending time with close friends and studying. I am super excited to partner with HC this year. I believe that I am able to put out advice that all girls will love to follow. Go guins!
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