The Little Boy Monologue

Character: The character in this monologue is a little boy who is five years old. The boy is wearing a red short-sleeved shirt. His pants are corduroy and he wears white socks that have red cars on the dorsal of each foot. The little boy’s hair is slicked to the right side of his head.    

Setting: The boy is in his playroom. It is very small in size; the walls are covered with posters of cars, planes, and motorcycles. The room is very organized; all of the boy’s toys are put in the proper bin. A red toy truck lies on the floor.

                                                A little boy, age five, frolics from off stage to downstage center. Boy appears cheerful and seats himself on a stool at stage left.

                                                Little boy itches his head and directs his eye line to the floor; his gaze is met with a bright red toy truck. He becomes joyful at the sight of a familiar object.

Little Boy:     This is my playroom.

                                                Little boy motions hands to surrounding room, picks up red truck, and sits back on stool.

Little Boy:     Me and my bestest friend in the whole wide world used to play all the funnest games. right here!

                                               Little boy motions hand to point to the floor while the other hand holds truck.

Little Boy:      This was his toy truck (lifts the truck) and it was his favorite truck because it is red, and Tommy loooooves red (little boy throws head back while saying “looooves”). Tommy is seven years old. That means he is born (boy counts on fingers) two years before me, which makes Tommy a big kid. One day Tommy asked me what the green spot on my arm was.

                                                Little boy points to green spot on arm then itches his head, irritated.

Little Boy:      I told Tommy that it was my daddy’s belt. I told him that my dad gets mad when I don’t put away my toys after I play trucks. Tommy said that when he doesn’t put his toys away, he gets a timeout instead.

                                               Boy jumps off of his stool and runs to the other side of the stage.

Little Boy:      I think that’s unfair! (boy stamps his foot) Tommy should get the belt too because a timeout doesn’t teach you a proper lesson (boy points index finger to audience). If it hurts then it works! (Boy gets on knees and rolls the truck around in circles)  vroom, vroom, beep, beep. Hey! Get the f**** away, that’s my lane! (Boy crashes the imaginary car out of the way) whump, thump, bump! Oh no, I almost died! (Boy stops and itches his head profusely he then continues). I have to make it; I have to make it, vroom, vroom, beep, beep.

                                              Little boy is crawling while moving car forward. Boy then stops moving truck looks to audience, itches his head, and begins to sob.    

Little Boy:      I miss Tommy!

                                            Little boy lies on his side facing the audience and continues to cry. He then lifts his whole body to a sitting position and takes off his red short-sleeve shirt. His body fills with goosebumps and the “green spot” on his arm is

                                            joined with smaller ones closer to his shoulder. He uses his red shirt to wipe the tears off his face. The little boy takes three deep breaths.

Little Boy:      I can’t show dad my tears! He will be upset at me again. He says that big boys don’t cry, it’s stupid. I need to be a big boy! Tommy was not a good friend because he tried to get my dad in trouble and my dad says that true friends don’t do that. True friends don’t tattle to their parents. My mommy says that Tommy is a dumb little boy trying to get into business that doesn’t involve him. Even though Tommy is a bad friend, I still miss him because we used to always have so much fun. He taught me all the different names of cars. When I grow up, I’m going to be a professional racecar driver because I will always have fun and not be so sad like mom and dad. 

                                            Little boy goes back to rolling the truck around in circles. Lights fade.