5 of the Best Spring Fashion Trends & Look Inspirations

Spring is almost here! That means it’s time to put away the winter jacket and bring out the pastel colors! To me, spring is all about embracing the new and getting rid of the old. Now is the perfect time to branch out and try some trends, colors or patterns you’ve been thinking about, but feeling it might be too risky for yourself. This article has all the outfit inspiration you will need for this upcoming spring!


Bright Colors

Whether it’s a soft pastel color, or a neon dream, we can officially start putting away our all black outfits. If you’re a little too afraid to go bold, swap out your  black sweaters with a plain white or a cool graphic tee shirt to add pops of color to your outfit! This is the perfect time to get a monochromatic pastel 2 piece outfit or top and pant duo. Pastel colors are probably the best part about spring clothes. They make simple looks come out super pretty and soft. If you’re feeling bold, doing a Barbie neon pink moment is a super cool statement for a night out, or make for an insta worthy outfit while exploring the city. Any kind of neon is a super cool statement to pull off, and a fun trend to try out!




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Waterproof Outerwear

Spring means there’s likely going to be lots of rainy days, and a couple random snow falls until summer officially hits. Investing in some fashionable rain attire will be well worth it! Raincoats are definitely in, and makes for a cool-looking outfit by tying it all together. There’s nothing better than investing in something sensible and stylish. Go bold with a bright yellow raincoat, or more neutral with a black or dark toned one. If you don’t have rain boots, any shoes with rubber platform will do the job too, and can make your outfit more trendy.




Bold Patterns

It’s time to put away the neutral, oversized sweaters and bring out your fun and favorite patterns. You can never go wrong with a pretty floral. Make it a dress, skirt or top and your outfit will scream spring! Spring also means it’s festival season, so if you plan on hitting any kind of music fest, investing in some bold statement pieces will be great to rock at a fun weekend like that! I also find spring to be the best time to bring out the stripes! They’re super fun and playful for your look, whether you’re headed to work or a dinner with your friends. Striped cropped pants are the perfect spring statement if you’re looking to go bold for a casual event!




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Denim is just one of those great things that work in all seasons! Any outfit starts with the basic, simple layers and ideas. Denim being basic is such a great thing! Lighter-wash, cropped jeans are a great transitional piece for your spring outfits. Cropped jeans work whether it's a nice sunny day or a windy one, and pairs great with any kind of top. A denim jean jacket is an iconic staple to any kind of spring look as well for an outlier piece. If it’s a bit cold, wear a hoodie and a jean jacket over top to look comfy, cool, and most importantly, warm. This layering allows you to adjust on if you get too hot or need to warm back up! Wearing a jean jacket over a dress or skirt can make it more chill and casual, and still sensible for spring weather!




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Lighter Pieces

My personal rule of thumb is once it’s 15 degrees celsius outside, It’s totally acceptable to start going out in dresses and shorts. In Canada, it’s basically patio season time with a solid sunny, 15 degree day! A sensible short is great for spring, same with a longer skirt or a flowy pant! These pieces definitely help the transitioning into lighter looks, while still prepared for a chance of chill. You can pair a lighter sweater with a mid length pair of shorts, overtop of a basic dress (or under it!), or with a skirt for the perfect layerable spring outfit. Being able to start wearing skirts, shorts and dresses makes me super excited for summer, and just warmer days in general.  


Hopefully these pretty spring trends have you inspired to hit the mall and go out in some fun outfits! Spring means it’s almost time to get super excited for summer weather, and even more excited about not having to wear big winter coats for awhile. This is the perfect time to get creative, try new looks, and have a blast while doing it. Whether you’re just hanging out with your friends or going out to a big event, all of these spring outfit trends and inspirations have you covered on what to wear!