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Pablo Espinola ’16

Year: 2016

College: Trumbull

Hometown:  Boston 

Major:  Political Science   

I caught up with this Yale Men’s Soccer cutie fresh from a blowout 4-1 win over Sacred Heart.  Lucky for us, Pablo gave up a game of FIFA with his teammates to talk about Spain, embarrassing freshman escapades, and his dream date. 

Rapid Fire:

Best study spot:  D12 or Starbucks

Favorite movie: The Departed

Starbucks order:  Iced coffee with milk and sugar  

Nickname: Pabs

Celebrity Crush:  Blake Lively

Woads or Soads: Woads

Best Stress Reliever: Wall Street Happy Hour


Digging Deeper:

HC: What were you up to this summer?

PE: I worked for Coady Law Firm in Boston, a firm that specializes in providing legal counsel to Veterans and victims of mesotheliom (cancer caused by asbestos esposure). When I wasn’t in the office I headed to the Vineyard for beach time with family and friends.

HC: How is the season looking?

PE: We returned a lot of our best players, which is exciting. And now after our big win over Sacred Heart yesterday we’re picking up steam.  Our home opener should be a good game. The season is finally really getting started.

HC: How would your team describe you?

PE: Cute and Cuddly  

HC: What’s first on your bucket list?

PE: I really want to skydive.

HC: Any embarrassing moments at Yale?

PE: This one always gets a lot of laughs. Because of soccer, I arrived on campus early and moved into Bingham before Freshman Move-in. But the afternoon everyone else arrived, I got locked out of my suite after taking a shower. Long story short: most of Trumbull first met me climbing through the window of my suite naked.

HC: Do you have a favorite Yale memory?

PE: Definitely, the end of year team party last spring. It was our last time hanging out with all the seniors before saying goodbye. I have some great memories from that night.

HC: Describe your dream date.

PE: “I’d have to say April 25th because its not too hot not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.” 

Writer’s Note: Miss Congeniality would be proud.

HC: Dream Girl?

PE: Shout out to Allie Souza.

HC: Do you have any advice for girls at Yale?

PE: Smile. Say hi. Don’t stress it. It’s refreshing when a girl can just mellow out and not play games. 

HC: Where can we find you on a Saturday night?

PE: D12 and then Sig Nu

Writer’s Note: D12 was Pablo’s suite in Bingham last year.

HC: What do you want to be remembered for from your time at Yale?

PE: Definitely for winning the Ivy League Championship. Also, D12.

HC: Yale girls are best because…

PE: They’re cultured; they keep it interesting. Oh, and they definitely know how to have fun. 

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