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Nearly every person on a college campus carries a backpack. It’s not a matter of fashion, but of practicality. You’ve got your laptop, books, notebooks, pens, pencils, water bottle, and half-eaten dessert from the dining hall you forgot all about (and who knows what else)

It’s time to rethink if you really need all of that. Will you ever actually use those sticky notes you bought at the bookstore because they were 50% off? Probably not, and if you do it’ll probably be when you’re reviewing at the library and not in the classroom. So, take them out! Take everything out and put back only the essentials. A notebook and a pencil. Switch them out each day or outing. Yes, it might seem tedious at first, but you’ll eventually get into the habit and it’ll allow you to reflect on what you want out of each day. Better yet, replace your backpack with a purse that has only what you need. Don’t bring that 300-page textbook, just your notes! Your back and shoulders will thank you and so will your wardrobe.

Carrying a purse, specifically a large handbag, to class for the first time felt foreign and uncomfortable. It was like walking out and forgetting where I was going. However, it also felt like finding a new, more sophisticated me. It is also a great reminder to not carry unnecessary baggage. Ditching the backpack means you get to blend into city spaces more seamlessly and don’t have to feel like a student everywhere you go. As we go further into adulthood, it’s important to explore the little ways we can express ourselves. So maybe the purse isn’t for you, but try to think about what changes you can make in your wardrobe, habits, or attitudes that can help you grow into a future you.

I’m a double major in Political Science and Film and Media Studies ‘YC 22.
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