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A Cautionary Tale of Getting My Genital Piercing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Xavier chapter.

Who would ever want to get one of these? They’re in a private area that a virtual stranger has to basically pull and tug at to pierce, not to mention the pain.

There are some benefits. Some people claim that they have an increase in pleasure, and they look great once they get them. For some people, it’s a huge confidence booster!

I decided, purely for my own benefits, to get one. If you ever decide to get one or even think about getting one, please only do it for yourself. If someone is pressuring you into changing your body for them or their pleasure, you need to have a serious discussion with yourself about this person and where they should fit in your life. If a significant other is pressuring you into changing a very intimate part of yourself solely for their pleasure, they aren’t thinking about yours.

I wanted to get one to do something daring, but it couldn’t be a facial piercing as there are still people in the world that look down on people with facial piercings. I didn’t want to have to worry about losing job opportunities strictly because I wanted to be creative in my own appearance.

I did my research on which one I wanted to get. The most popular is the vertical hood piercing. I originally was going to get that one. While researching tattoo and piercing places online and doing more research into the experience of getting a genital piercing, I found a different type that intrigued me more: the triangle.

Nope, it’s not just an instrument. While the vertical hood piercing is a vertical bar that goes through the clitoral hood, this piercing is a horse shoe shaped piercing that goes behind the clitoris. I was interested. I figured it would probably be a more stimulating piercing, and why shouldn’t’t genital piercings do something other than look nice?

Triangle piercings are different in that very few women actually have the anatomy to get one. Because the piercing goes behind the clitoris, piercers are cautious when piercing that area as if they aren’t careful, the clitoris can be pierced.

Well, I still don’t know if it really does stimulate anything as a week after I got my piercing, I had to remove it.

And now, I want to give you some advice. I thought I had done my research. I thought that I knew everything there was to know about triangle piercings.

As you can probably tell from the direction this article has taken, I was wrong.

My piercing didn’t get rejected; it was placed so incorrectly, that when I got it taken out by a piercer at Tattoo Charlie’s in Louisville, KY, they were so outraged at the placement, they asked if they could take a picture for educational reasons.

I was lucky that they didn’t hit anything important, but when getting pierced by someone who doesn’t know exactly what they are doing, there is always the chance.

But the person at Tattoo Charlie’s gave me some information that I want to share with you:

There is an Association of Professional Piercers in America that only some piercers are a part of. The piercer gave me a pamphlet about them and a website that I can search for APP certified piercers in my state.

When looking for a piercer, it is also important to ask the right questions, such as: How long they have been piercing, how they learned, and how they keep their knowledge-base up-to-date. You should be able to trust your piercer and they should be able and willing to show you exactly how the piercing will take place. You should also ask to see a portfolio. You should be able to see if they are able to actually do the piercing correctly to your liking. If you are uncomfortable looking at pictures of the piercing you want to get, you probably shouldn’t be getting that piercing.

If you aren’t impressed with that piercer, continue looking until you find one you are impressed with.

Most importantly you want to be comfortable. Genital piercings are personal. If you aren’t comfortable with someone down in your area, it’s okay. Don’t pierce it yourself! But it’s okay.

And make a day of it. Go out with friends, get a nice dinner, or just dress up nice! Don’t plan to do anything after, as it will hurt, but have a lot of fun beforehand! After, just take some ibuprofen. You’re going to need it.


For more information about the Association of Professional Piercers:

Website: www.safepiercing.org

Phone: (888).888.1APP


Good luck!