Ways to Make your Space Cute and Comfy

Making your space, whether it be a dorm, a house, or an apartments, cute and comfy is definitely essential. When you first move into your new space, you can be over whelmed by the many options and the hundreds of pinterest DIYs that you want to do. Here are some super simple things you can do that immediately can make all the difference.

Fairy Lights! It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are fairly lights are always a must. You can choose colored, white, or multicolored, all a great choice. The give off the perfect amount of lighting and are just super cute!

Blankets! I know it seems kind of odd to be decorating with a blanket but just throwing a cute blanket on your couch or bed can easily make the room look comfy and cozy. It can also add more color to the room. 

Flowers! My roommate and I always try to have flowers around our apartment. They smell super good and just look really cute. The spring is also a great time to go out and get some wild flowers around town. 

Tapestries! They have been quite popular for a while now and I would be surprised if anyone didn’t own one. But if you don’t, you should think about getting one. Tapestries come in so many different designs and colors and since they are generally quite large, they take up a lot of wall space meaning that you don’t have to get a bunch of posters.