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Jerry Pedroza ’13: Member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVWC chapter.


Wesleyan is known around the area for having stellar musical and theatrical productions and senior theater arts major Jerry Pedroza from Newark, Del., knows all about putting on a good show. Pedroza is involved in almost everything on campus: Alpha Psi Omega, Bobcat Entertainment, Student Senate, Concert Chorale, Bobcat Ambassadors, and he’s also a Shop Assistant for the Performing Arts Center. Where he lives out most of his passions on campus, though, is as a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

“Every single person that is a Sinfonian does it with pride,” Pedroza says. “We are more than the fraternities you see on TV. We are a group of men that excel in academics and in the arts.”

In addition to a strong brotherhood, Pedroza notes that the groups other focus, music, is at the core of FMA’s values.

“We also give someone an opportunity to share the love of music with everyone,” he says. “Music can move people to a point that it can change lives. Why not share that with those that you love? It always gives you a chance to really appreciate it what you have and why these men love the same thing that you do.”

Pedroza now serves as president of Phi Mu Alpha. For him, the dedication and love for his fraternity comes easy when there is a message as positive as that of his group.

“We are more than just that four year course at this college,” Pedroza says. “We do work for the community where we enrich the lives of those around us by sharing all of our loves and everything that makes us unique. If you share the wealth, the knowledge, the love to those around you and you can never fail. That is what Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia brings.”

This is not to say that the group does not have the same problems that every other organization faces. When a large group of people with similar interests and goals gets together, there is bound to be some tension. However, with members as dedicated as Pedroza, there is no doubting that the issues can be resolved together.

“The hardest thing about being in FMA is the fact that sometimes, because of different personalities, you might not get along with your fellow brothers,” he says. “Sometimes that causes a little tension, but in the end, we all love our brothers and work everything out. We are one.”

It is easy to see Pedroza’s passion for his organization and, as a senior, is it also easy to tell that when he leaves Wesleyan he will be taking much more with him than class knowledge and study skills.

“The experiences that I have shared with my brothers and on this campus will last me a lifetime,” Pedroza says. “I will be able to look back at this time and know that brothers are for a lifetime and you, alma mater, will always shine. I’ve really learned how to be a leader here. FMA has taught me how to be responsible, caring, respectful, and how to be a better man.”

For Pedroza, the bonds of brotherhood last a lifetime—and knowing that the spirit of FMA will follow him wherever he goes will make leaving, for Pedroza, just a little bit easier.