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True Crime Is Taking Over Women. Why?

Have you found yourself fascinated with true crime TV shows, movies, podcasts or even BuzzFeed Unsolved? You are not alone – it is rising in the media world, and women are obsessed.

Well, of course, we know these are unimaginable stories and events, but what we are more interested in is why this happens and how you can save yourself in these situations. According to Psychology Today, statistics show women account for 70 percent of known victims of serial killers from 1985 to 2010. Studies also show one-third of murders in America go unsolved. Some stories just do not want to be told.

This makes you wonder how many people you meet have a secret. It is horrifying to imagine that sometimes these vile humans get away with it. For example, there is a documentary on Netflix called Abducted in Plain Sight. This movie shows a manipulative, child molester who kidnaps a 12-year old girl –twice – who has been welcomed in her family for years.

Frighteningly enough, sex is a motive for 50 percent of all male serial killers. Just like in the new Ted Bundy tapes on Netflix, he states how he was motivated by porn. This could be the reason women are so intrigued by these stories: we have a fear that the horrible crimes we see and hear about could happen to us. It is so easy for us to obsess over these stories and pick up clues like we are solving a puzzle because we identify with the victims. There is a lot of horror in the world, and women deal with a good bit of it.

However, one good thing that comes from this is empowerment. Women are driven to make sense of senseless. We try to fix things and people. True crime is a way to have control over the horror.

People say that fact is stranger than fiction, but that fact can also be scarier than fiction. These stories we hear about seem so unbelievable that it is almost more terrifying than any horror movie.

Watching these serial killers and their evil genius minds manipulate the people around them intrigues us. We connect the stories to experiences in our lives. Not knowing how or why they think this way makes us keep watching to find out. If these occurrences leave you unsettled but curious here are some YouTube favorites to check out.

Once you start you cannot stop: Who killed Elizabeth Short? Why is she nicknamed “The Black Dahlia?” Who is George Hodel? If you are interested in this, the best to watch is Buzzfeed Unsolved. They go into detail about what happened and conspiracy theories about this case, along with many others. The case is now a TV show on TNT called I Am the Night.

Bella Fiori is a YouTube-sensation that explains mystery videos on true crime. There are dozens of videos from unsolved mysteries, solved cases, conspiracy theories and serial killers. My personal favorite is the unsolved case of JonBenet Ramsey.

Finally, Kendall Rae spends hours doing research on this stuff and it shows! One of her recent videos is about Jayme Closs who was just found.

Molly is a Sophmore at West Virginia University, her major is Multidisciplinary Studies. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and loves shopping, makeup, traveling and having photoshoots.
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