Surviving Valentine's Day Despite Being in a Long Distance Relationship

To the girlies in a long distance relationship on Valentine’s Day: I feel for you. Valentine’s Day is one of the best days of the year. A day full of endless romance, love, chocolate and gifts- what more can you ask for? But if you’re in a long distance relationship you might be dreading the upcoming holiday. From one girl in a LDR to another: don’t let it ruin your day. Here’s some ways you can still make your Valentine’s Day special and meaningful, even hundreds of miles apart.


Send Each Other Gifts or a Card

It’s so quick and easy to go online and have a cute stuffed animal or a box of chocolate shipped directly to your SO to let them know you’re thinking about them on Valentine’s Day.


Long Distance Bracelets

I recently ran into these super cool Bond Touch bracelets on Twitter. You each wear a bracelet and when one touches their bracelet the other one feels it no matter how far apart. I think this is such an amazing idea for couples in a LDR.

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Facetime Date

As cheesy as this may sound, you can always have your Valentine’s Day date through Facetime. You can cook your own favorite meals, sync up your movies on Netflix, and have a virtual date. It’s not the same as being in the same room, but it’s close enough.


Treat Yourself

Don’t let the day bring you down. Take yourself to get your nails done or get some frozen yogurt. Treat yourself to a box of chocolate. You could even bring your SO along with you via Facetime or phone call!


Have a Girls' Night

Gather up your friends and have a girls' night! Your single friends probably don’t want to spend the night alone either, so invite them over for some wine and chick flicks. You’ve always got your girls to count on to have a good time. (But don’t forget to call your SO before the day is over to remind them how much you love them).