The Types of Girls that Guys Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a "photo and video sharing social media owned by Facebook" according to Wikipedia. It has 800 million registered users as of September 2017, and it is an app that we use every day. We asked guys a question all of us have been wondering: what kind of girls do you follow on social media? Here are their answers.

Thomas, 18, Computer Science

"Hot instagram models and my friends."

Dan, 20, Music Education with a concentration in Secondary Education

"I just kind of follow people I know."

Anthony, 22, Graphic Design

"Eh. I'm kind of an outlier with that stuff. I legit only follow people I know, car pages, tattoo, and snowboarding. Models and sh*t p*ss me off, personally. I follow a couple, but that's because I actually know them, car models. So when it comes to girls, only ones I know and the few models I know."

Ryan, 23, Criminal Justice

"I follow girls I know."

Ben, 23, Earth Science

"I just follow my friends and people I know. Not too many celebrities and all."

Do you believe that these boys only follow their friends? Let us know in the comments!

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