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7 Innovative Ways to Tie Your Scarf This Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

Yes, collegiettes; we are well into fall, and that means it’s scarf weather!

Aren’t you excited?

Yeah? Well, so are we!


Not only can we incorporate scarves into our outfits, but we can style them to add some pizazz. So letls get started!


First up, we have one of the easiest ways to wrap your scarf. Easy and simple, you just cannot go wrong with the Serendipity!


If you want to take it up a notch, you can try this next style which makes your scarf a bit more of a center piece in your outfit.

This is perfect if you aren’t in love with your top for the day. Wear this style with a jacket and jeans, and you’re set!  Say hello to the Allure!


This next one is called the NYC so it’s only appropriate to wear, considering proximity and all! But most importantly, this is a nice new way to style your scarf. It keeps your neck warm and shows you put effort in to wearing that scarf!


If you are looking for a longer look — something where the party isn’t only around your neck — try this!

It’s called the Knotty, something you could even wear on a warmer day.


Now this one is surely different. It may not keep you too warm, but man it will look good!

It’s like the statement necklace of scarves. You might be one of the first to rock this on campus but definitely not the last. Try the Loop-d-loop and see a trend start! (Be sure to let us know how it works out!)


If you find yourself stuck between two ways to wear your scarf, just scratch both and wear the tie breaker scarf! How perfect is that?

Try it and just wait to see how many people will ask how to do their scarves the same.


Of course, we saved the best for last — or in this case, something totally different from everything else. This style is so innovative that you have to try it! 

Seriously; check  it out. (But first you’re going to need a square-shaped scarf.)

This one has a nice, cute but sultry look to it! Last but not least… the Parisian!

Okay, so now you have more than enough new ways to tie your scarf!

All you have to do now is grab the first scarf in sight and start tying; it’s actually fun figuring out how to do these styles.

And if you get a little… stuck 

 just come right back and try again!



But what if you don’t have a scarf?  Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few sites where you can find cute scarves!

http://www.Scarves.com (They have a large variety of scarves — hence the name.)

http://cottonon.com/US/shop-by-brand/cotton-on-women/accessories/scarves/   (You can find some really good sale prices here.)

http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/category/hats++scarves/accessories-wraps.jsp#/   (These are more on the expensive side, but this also means they will have better quality.)

http://www.charlotterusse.com/thumbnail/Accessories/Scarves/pc/2116/2590.uts (Great prices and cute prints galore!)


Well, collegiettes, you should have everything you need to rock your scarves this fall! Don’t be scared (or scary) 

Just get out there and rock those scarves!

Please share this with your friends, comment below, and let us know how it all wraps up (…get it?).


















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