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20 Signs You May Have Found Your Future Bridesmaids At College

Bridesmaids. Lifelong friends. Your ride-or-die chicks. These girls are the ones that keep you sane during midterms week and buy you Ben and Jerry’s ice cream when you’re having a bad day because sometimes those are the only men you can rely on in your life. Whether you’re out shopping for more party clothes or having a vent session in the car, you know you can always go to them. Here are just some of the many ways you know that your college has allowed you to find people as weird as you (as told through lovely GIFs).


1.     Before you met them your selfie game was mediocre; now the selfie game is too strong.


2.     Strangely for some reason you’re not all partying together for once, but you walk into the party and spot each other from across the room. It's fate.


3.     Some one else calls your best friend their best friend, and in that moment you begin to plot their downfall.


4.     Wednesday has officially become wine night, and, boy, is it needed.


5.     You’re always down to take a car ride with them because it ends up being a dance extravaganza.


6.     There are no rules when it comes to each other’s households. As they say mi casa es su casa.


7.     That one song comes on at the party (preferably Rich Homie Quan’s “Type of Way”) that you both have the same dance for.


8.     They’re always there to comfort you and be your shoulder to cry on.


9.     You once in a while end up being their wing woman for the night and skill it.


10. If you guys all join an intramural team at school, you make sure to properly support each other’s celly.


11. When your best friend is hammered and has to finish the last cup in beer pong, you don't hesitate to break out the inspirational pep talk.


12. You see your friend talking it up with a hottie, and your excitement is taken to another level.


13. You have your own gestures and codes to signal “off limits” to each other.


14. On days where you both talk about how crappy your lives are, there’s nothing better to do than mope on the couch together.


15. Before you and your best friend knew each other, you hooked up with the same guy at different points in your college career. You now come to the realization that you’re both eskimo sisters; no regrets.


16. You’re able to be brutally honest with them at all times, especially when they try to buy the ugliest dress in the store.


17. You both think you spot the girl that’s been causing problems with one of your bffs, and you've got the same reaction.


18.  You admire a hot guy from afar together. Best friend input is always wanted.


19. Your bathroom trips at parties (or anywhere, for that matter) are always eventful. Warning: dancing will occur.


20. Most of all you know that through everything you’ll be there for each other at the end of the day. Best friends? More like sisters.


In college, you’ll make friendships unlike any other. Here at WPUNJ I have met some of the nicest people and am happy to call some of these girls my best friends. It’s been an experience; my friendships have started in the weirdest ways. From dancing the cha cha slide to partying it up, I wouldn’t change it for the world. But, let’s not forget those old high school friends you keep near and dear to your heart! (You know who you are!)  So, collegiettes, tell us: how did you meet your best friend or friends in college? Here are mine!




Samantha is a Junior and the president of Her Campus WPUNJ at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. She prefers the nickname Sam and is majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Visual Communication. She lives in Central Jersey and lives for the New York Rangers. She loves the outdoors and all things entomology, especially butterflies. When she's not catching up on her favorite Netflix shows she's either working out at the Rec, writing up a spicy new piece for Her Campus, or watching hockey. But most importantly, the way to her heart is some delicious sushi!
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