DIY-Distressed T-Shirt


I love the look of the distressed T-shirt! It’s bold, edgy and something I don’t have in my closet! This is a tutorial about how to create the distressed look on T-shirts.




Midnight Rider Black Ladies & Gentleman Tee





IRO ‘Clay’ T-shirt






What you need: A t-shirt, Bleach, an empty spray bottle, scissors, and a razor. There are some optional things you can also use: fabric glitter spray, black fabric paint spray, some sand paper, and a cheese grader.


Start by making cuts to your t-shirt. Focus on the neckline, and the end of the shirt. Try doing a variation of cuts to get a textured look. Also try to stretch our your shirt, by pulling on the neckline and the end of your shirt. Focus on stretching out your shirt where the writing or logos are to get the cracked look.


Using the razor you can get really cool cuts. Just drag it across your shirt like you are shaving.


 By using the cheese grader you can get lots of little holes.


Pour a little bleach into an empty spray bottle. Ball up your t-shirt and spray your shirt randomly with the bleach. If you have a bathtub, then spray in there, that way when your done you can just rise your bathtub out and have no big mess to clean up. Once you feel like you’ve sprayed your shirt enough, let it sit for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes throw your shirt into the washing machine alone, wash it like you would any other shirt. Once your shirt is clean and dry, you can use your spray fabric paint to add to the distressed look. After spraying your shirt, let it dry 72 hours. Then repeat washing it and drying it.


Your shirt is done! Pair your new gorgeous T-shirt with a leather jacket or some motorcycle boots.