What Gossip Girl Taught Me

Your hard work and long hours of binge-watching six seasons and 121 episodes couldn’t have been all for nothing! Whether you were aware of it or not, Gossip Girl was providing life lessons, not just procrastination sessions.

1. You can get whatever you want as long as you set your mind to it.

If there was something Blaire desired, it was hers within the hour. Sure, she caused a little trouble here and there, but everything always worked out. Stop at nothing, be persuasive, and don’t take no for an answer.

2. Stairs are dangerous.

You can’t sit higher than the Queen on the steps; you can’t walk without tripping on them either, though these problems can be solved by using tips from “How-To Trip Elegantly in Madison.”

3. Chuck and Blair are relationship goals.
The two are far from perfect, but together make a powerful, mischievous match with a magnetic pull and an undying love for one another.

Okay, one more pic was needed because- ugh- just look at them.

4. Flip phones will not be missed.

Sure, they’re fun to slam close after an argument on the phone, but you can’t those beat iMessage group chats with the squad.

5. Always tell the truth.

The hills have eyes, and lies will always come back to you, whether it be in six hours or six years.

6. Social connections are power.
The Bass family could get whatever they pleased with a single phone call; if that’s not a life goal then I don’t know what is. Consider this your reminder to network, network, network!


7. A relationship means nothing if there’s no trust.
Louis and Blair, Rufus and Lily, Dan and Serena- you can’t have something that lasts if secrets are in the mix.

8. If you don’t get accepted by your dream college- it’s okay!
Blair Waldorf, of all people, couldn’t make it into Yale and everything ended up working out perfectly for her. There’s a plan for your life and everything happens for a reason.

9. Elevators will always break at the worst times.
From when Serena and Dan Humphrey broke up, to when Serena and Blair were “not talking”, elevators always seemed to have a way with time.


10. Dogs can solve life problems.
When Dan gave Chuck a dog, Monkey, during his early mid-life crisis, he found a way to feel again. Monkey was his best friend when no one else was (cue the “aw”).


Though Gossip Girl definitely robbed us of a lot of time, it was worth it. Now, go on and get your social life together; it’s time to be powerful.