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A Tribute to Rory Gilmore

     October does not only bring the start of Halloween decorations, scary movie watching and costume season; apparently it also comes with a lot of new Netflix releases. Among the new releases are Sleepless in Seattle, Romeo and Juliet, the Vampire Diaries season five and many more. However, the absolute most notable is the complete series of Gilmore Girls. October now also marks the start of binge watching all seven seasons.

     Gilmore Girls came out in 2000, but whenever it was when you watched it, it changed your life. Suddenly you wanted to become BFFs with your mom and read tons of books just like Rory. It actually might be the definitive reason I am writing this article right now, considering Rory Gilmore was a budding journalist. She also happened to be the object of every hot boy in Star Hollow’s affection, and the girl my friends and I wanted to be. Yes, there was a second there where I actually wanted to go to Yale, after a slight obsession with Harvard of course, in true Rory Gilmore fashion. But, even when that short-lived dream died I still tried to channel Rory in daily life.

     She was an effortless beauty who made us all want to rock the Chilton uniform and set extremely high academic goals. Rory was also a genuinely nice person who dealt with her frenemies (i.e. Paris Gellar and crew) with class. She started her mornings with a massive cup of coffee, which explains how she managed to have read 300 books by the age of 16. Rory also had cool and eclectic music taste thanks to her best friend, Lane, as well as quirky and interesting movie taste thanks to her mom, Lorelai.

     Rory even gains some serious edge as the seasons go on, proving she isn’t just a smart, good girl after all. Rory makes mistakes, has boy trouble, and even gets some bad grades down the road. As a viewer, you really grow with and learn from Rory Gilmore all while laughing and crying. If you have never watched Gilmore Girls, I seriously encourage doing so. Then, when you are stuck at your next crossroads you can ask yourself what would Rory Gilmore do?