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How to: Holiday Decoration

I am obsessed with Christmas. On November 1st, at 10:05 pm, I texted my roommates and asked if it was too early to begin decorating. Needless to say, the response wasn’t very encouraging:

Now, acceptably post-Thanksgiving, our apartment is totally decked out. Although I still am working on convincing my roommates to allow an actual pine tree in the apartment, the decorations look just as lovely and festive as I had imagined. If you are living on campus, like myself, chances are your apartment is rather compact. With that being said, it is very important to decorate in a way which will make the room feel larger. Too many decorations may leave your guests feeling claustrophobic and searching through the garland for the door.

Peacock feathers

Accent a wreath with peacock feathers! Find feathers which match the accent color of your apartment, and arrange accordingly on a wreath. Bonus: purchase a real pine wreath to keep your apartment smelling fresh all season!

Have a wine and craft nights with your roommates! Purchase wine glasses from the $1 section in Target and go to town painting the outside like peacock feathers. Make sure to purchase a clear sealant to go over your finished glass—this will keep the paint vibrant through multiple washes. Cheers!

Twinkling lights

Draping your twinkling lights vertically, not only gives a festive vibe, but also makes a short-ceiling room feel much larger. Consider hanging them behind a shear fabric for a pretty and relaxed feel.

This is a great way to save space in a tiny apartment! Zig-zag the lights in a tree like shape, and hang ornaments from each row. Use Command Strips to keep the tree from falling off the wall or causing damage.

Unique Color Schemes

Avoid the typical red and green color scheme this year, and go for one that will make your apartment stand out among your friend’s!

Green and rose gold wrapping paper

Skip the tree all together and put your old textbooks to use! 

Handmade decorations

Stockings out of felt! 

Create Christmas wine bottles with your ladies… after you’ve drank the wine, of course! 


Who needs Bath and Body! Check out how you can make your own cranberry candles here.

Once you’ve got your wine bottles all decked out, and your peacock glasses ready to drink from, freeze cranberries in ice to chill before a chic winter party!

While ’tis the season to deck the halls, don’t feel like you must abide to the old-fashioned holly and mistletoe to help make the season bright! These simple changes to your holiday décor will make sure you and your apartment are at the top of Santa’s nice list! 

Madison is a senior at the University of Wisconsin pursuing a major in English Literature with minors in Entrepreneurship and Digital Media Studies. Post college, Madison plans to complete her dreams of being the next Anna Wintour. In her free time, Madison enjoys listening to Eric Hutchinson, eating dark chocolate, and FaceTiming her puppies back home. When she isn't online shopping, or watching YouTube bloggers (ie Fleur DeForce), Madison loves exploring the vast UW Campus and all it has to offer! She is very excited to take this next step in her collegiette career as Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief for HC Wisco. On Wisconsin! 
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