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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

A lot of us at Winthrop University are new to the Rock Hill area, which means we are unaware of the cool history behind the largest city in York County! So we’ve put together a brief history for you of our new home.

In 1852, Rock Hill was named for a flint hill of rock that was encountered by the rail crews of the Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad Company. This company was building a rail line from Charlotte to Columbia. On April 17, 1852, The Rock Hill Post Office opened, which marked the official beginning of the city.

If you’ve driven around Rock Hill, you’ve probably noticed some statues at the intersection of  Dave Lyle Boulevard and Gateway Boulevard. The Gateway intersection symbolizes teamwork, unity and togetherness with its circular shape. There are four statues here, designed as female versions of Michaelangelo’s “David.” Each statue holds a circular emblem that symbolizes the four different industries of the city: the Gears of Industry, the Flame of Knowledge, the Stars of Inspiration and the Lightning Bolt of Energy.

Speaking of Dave Lyle Boulevard, it was named for a former mayor of Rock Hill. The city has some interesting history behind its street names. Cherry Road, one of the most well known streets in Rock Hill and with the Winthrop community, was named for James M. Cherry, who owned a farm that the road passed through. Oakland Avenue, which every Winthrop student should know, is named after Oakland, California. For more information on Rock Hill’s street history, click here.

For more information on Rock Hill, visit its website

We hope you enjoyed this little bit of Rock Hill history, Collegiettes! 


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