16 Signs You Spend Too Much Time at the Library

One word: Finals.

...Cue the scary music.

What finals week means to me is spending time dreading studying, spending money on venti iced coffees and spending late nights in the library.

Oh, the library. How much time I have spent with you the last week, you are now like a friend to me.

Uh—did I just call the library my friend?

Maybe my brain is fried from all this studying, or maybe I’ve been at the library too long.

I’m sure you know what it’s like spending too much time at the library too, if you can relate with these 16 things!

1. You’re on a first name basis with the library.(“Dacus”, “Club Dacus”, “Dirty Dacus”, etc…)

2. You have a ‘spot’.(Yeah, I know you have one, and yeah, you’re definitely picturing it right now.

3. You know where the bathroom on the third floor is…(In the music library, duh.)

4. …And you know what time it closes.(It closes at nine p.m., duh x2.)

5. You can recite the warnings the librarians say when the third floor and basement close at midnight.(Which doesn’t make listening to it 900 times make it more bearable—WE HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME!)

6. You hardly even break a sweat anymore walking up the stairs to the third floor…(Ha, yeah right, like who am I kidding? I need an inhaler, a towel and some water STAT!)

7. You know to turn off the “print on both sides” setting on the computer.(Which, let’s be honest, is kind of a stupid rule, like come on teachers! You shouldn’t take off points just because I print it on the front and the back! I’m saving the trees, here!)

8. You know about the weird moldy smell the library has…(Ew, how old is this place?)

9. …And you would never admit it, but you’ve kind of learned to like it…(…I definitely spend way too much time at this place.)

10. …But you totally take the deepest breath when you finally leave.(Cross my heart, hope to die I’m never taking fresh air for granted ever again!)  

11. You know to get your swipe card out before you reach the door.(I’m basically a ninja.)

12. You know all the sounds.(The papers rustling, the small chit chat, and those loud, annoying doors. Like, can ya keep it down?! I’m studying over here!)

13. You walk like you own the place.(But I spend so much time in there I pretty much do own the place. They should really consider changing the name to my name.)

14. You’ve gone into the library when it was light out, and left when it was dark out.(Sometimes, I don’t even leave…)

15. You have to limit yourself how many times you get up to walk around.(Bathroom break? Psh, yeah more like social hour! There are like, more of my friends in here than there are books.)

16. You know you have to get there early to beat the homework crowd if you want to get a good spot.(And you know just how busy it’s going to be all week.)

I was going to wish you luck, but let’s be honest—I’m sure I’ll see you all in the library. I’ll wish you luck, then.

Happy stu(dying)! See ya at Club Dacus!