Red, White, and Just for You

When it comes to Veterans Day, it is customary to thank the men and women in our Armed Forces for their service—read my Veterans Day-themed article from last year, in which I thank the friends and family in my life who either have served or are currently serving in the military, here! However, we tend to forget that the families of service members also make many sacrifices while supporting their veteran(s). In other words, they serve, too!


Alongside Veterans Day, November is Military Family Month, and a very important member of any serviceman or servicewoman’s family is their significant other. Lucky for military significant others (or MilSOs, for short), there is a wonderful subscription service that honors the daily challenges that come with being the girlfriend, fiancé, or wife of a veteran: MilSO Box!



The creator.


MilSO Box was developed by the beautiful Lindsay Hinger (seen above), who is a United States Air Force Veteran. Although she was not a MilSO herself, she and her husband, a male nurse who takes care of veterans at the couple’s local hospital, set out on starting their own business a few years ago. With Lindsay’s prior involvement in the military and her love of gifting, a subscription box service was right up her alley.


In an interview she had with one of her most avid YouTube subscribers, Julie Jigsaw, Lindsay talked about how there was a lack of a veteran care package equivalent for the significant others of servicemen and servicewomen. With her private business, not only is she now able to show her support to the MilSOs around the world, but also anyone else who wants to do the same.



The goodies.


In each MilSO Box, there is a unique handful of MilSO-made, veteran-made, and American-made treats (including clothing, glassware, jewelry, and even sugary sweets) that follow a different monthly theme. Show your love to Julie Jigsaw, who is a motivational Army wife, by checking out her YouTube page and watching her playlist of unboxings of previous MilSO Boxes here!


The options!


Whether you are personally a MilSO and you would like to receive these boxes yourself, you know of a close friend who is a MilSO who could use some extra motivation during a long military-related training session or deployment, or even if you want to donate to an unknown MilSO out of the kindness of your heart (bless you), there are TONS of options that will accommodate your situation on the MilSO Box website (click here!).



If you are interested in purchasing a monthly subscription, regardless if for yourself or for another MilSO, click “Subscribe” and choose which type of subscription you would like to pay for—you can choose from one month ($39.95/mo.), three months ($36.95/mo.), or six months ($33.95/mo.). Once you make your choice, you will then be asked which military branch, out of five, you would like your boxes to be curated to (it can be your favorite military branch, or the specific branch either your or another MilSO’s serviceman or service woman is actively serving in).



If you are interested in making a one-time purchase or buying a specific month’s box from the past, you can do so by going under the “One time gifts” tab at the top of the website’s homepage. Unlike the traditional monthly subscription boxes in which the contents are left as a surprise, you will be able to see what goodies are inside the boxes listed under the “One time gifts” option.


If you are interested in purchasing a box for a random MilSO worldwide, you can do so under the same “One time gifts” tab as described above. Simply scroll down until you see the options to donate a MilSO box to a United States Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Navy significant other.



Show your support for a MilSO you know or for a MilSO you do not know, or give yourself a little love this Veterans Day with Lindsay Hinger’s MilSO Box subscription service! Although the men and women in our Armed Forces today should be recognized as heroic, so should the girlfriends, fiancés, and wives standing behind them and cheering them on.


A very special thank you to the all the servicemen and servicewomen in our military, as well as all the women they get the honor of calling their significant others, for your incredible service!