I Love You to the Galaxy and Back

Up until this past summer, I was adamant on NOT watching either Guardians of the Galaxy movies. A music-obsessed space man? An aggressive green chick? A comedic, tattoo-covered bald man? A demented raccoon? A talking tree-thing? You’re kidding me, right?


Little did I know that I would absolutely fall in love with these action-packed movies once I gave them a shot, along with one character in particular: Groot (A.K.A. the talking tree-thing). He was my favorite from the very first time I saw him, and he still remains my favorite to this day—my roommates have even helped my Groot craze by getting me a mug and keychain for my lanyard, which have become my prized possessions!


Here is a list of four reasons why Groot is, by far, the best character from the Guardians movies.


Amazing dance moves


Perhaps the most iconic scene with Groot is the opener of the second GOTG movie where he struts his stuff and scoots along to the catchy tune of “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra. It’s impossible to deny his cuteness while his team is fighting a gigantic monster behind him. This scene alone was what inspired my love for this oldie song.



Let’s also not forget about his dancing abilities even when he was still growing in a pot with “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5 playing in the background during the closer of the first GOTG movie.



Simple creature


Another definitive characteristic of Groot that makes him even more cute is his limited word vocabulary… specifically just to the following three words: “I am Groot.” This phrase can literally mean what it says, and it can also mean a wide variety of other statements that only Groot’s best friend, Rocket (A.K.A. the demented raccoon, who can also talk), is able to decipher. Groot doesn’t feel the need to go into lengthy monologues while on screen; he can say everything he needs to (and more!) with just one phrase.





Unless he meets one of the GOTG team’s enemies, Groot treats everyone with kindness and befriends as many people (and creatures) as possible. He always takes the time to make sure others know that he cares about them.



Although I have been focusing more on Baby Groot, my all-time favorite segment of the first GOTG movie was of Adult Groot using his tree-powers to light a dark room he and his team were stuck in… let’s just say that I needed a box of tissues because the water works were definitely turned on!





One final characteristic that perfectly embodies Groot is how much he values his relationships with the people around him. He will do anything to protect them, and he is determined to get any tasks done that his team is counting on him to complete.



The Guardians of the Galaxy team is very special to my heart, especially Groot, which makes those movies my top-two favorite Marvel creations to this date. If you haven’t already watched them, break out your laptop or turn on your TV and check out the second film on Netflix today—and decide for yourself who you think the best character is!