HC Back to School Survival Kit

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

It’s our favorite time of the year: our first survival kit has arrived and we cannot wait to share with you the amazing goodies that we received! Take a peak at what we received and be on the lookout for a giveaway containing many of these products!





Personal Alarms


Personal safety is an absolute priority for any college student, especially women. These alarms are great for extra security because they are easily portable—you can hang them from a lanyard loop or from the outside of a pocket—and one model even comes with a light, which is super useful when doing your thing at night!


Best of all: you can get one in pink… you cannot go wrong!


Drink Test Kit


As part of staying safe, ensure what you are drinking has not been tampered with by using these compact testing pages. If the testing site on the paper turns a dark blue color, you will know that your drink is unsafe to consume. Note: make sure to read the directions carefully, as there are a few drinks that can provide a false positive result!


We all know that the saying goes “do not leave a drink unattended,” but this test kit will give you extra certainty.







Whether you are currently living in a dorm room, an apartment, or a house, go ahead and ditch the aerosol air freshener with a wallflower. Not only do the actual plugins come in a variety of designs that will surely match your personality, but you also have TONS of options of scents to choose from! Regardless if you love floral scents—such as Rose Water & Ivy or Sweet Pea—fruity scents—such as Champagne Toast or Brilliant Citrus—or even seasonal scents—such as Pumpkin Apple, Autumn, or Tis the Season—there is a special fragrance with your name on it!





Micellar Cleansing Water


After a long day of tiring classes and tedious homework assignments, unwind while taking off your makeup (if you wear any!) and everything else you have accumulated on your face with this micellar cleansing water. Its compact size is fantastic for traveling, and you can use it on a cotton ball or cleansing pad. Refresh your skin and unleash your natural beauty!




2-in-1 Shave Cream & Skin Conditioner


Ditch the clunky shaving cream bottle or can in the shower with this nifty pouch. Not only is it free from added parabens, but it also provides 24-hour moisture to your skin. Other perks: it is great for when you are on-the-go, and it smells super yummy with its Coconut Silk scent.




Hydrating Self-Tanning


With winter right around the corner, it is important for us to upkeep the summer glow we worked so hard to achieve! This gradual self-tanner works wonders for your fading tan or if you want to bring some extra color to your skin. Apply it evenly three times a week, and soon you will be a bronzed (and hydrated) queen!




Indi Fragrance


If you have been meaning to switch your regular perfume with a new one, you are in luck! Check out Katy Perry’s scent Indi, which features notes of white tea, Italian bergamot, and white cedarwood. You will definitely be turning heads with this mature scent.


Pick it up today from Walgreens and other retailers in either a 1.0-fl. oz. Eau de Parfum Spray or an 8.0-fl. oz. Body Mist.





Seasoning Packet and Pouches


Stay warm this upcoming winter with this handy bag of spicy Cayenne Pepper Sauce and Old Bay seasoning—bring it with you to the cafeteria or your apartment/house kitchen to add an extra kick to your most favorite dishes!





Protein Bars


After surviving a brutal workout, munch on these yummy protein bars. With 12 grams of protein, 230 calories per bar, and your choice of either Chocolate Sea Salt or Maple Sea Salt, helping your body rebuild tissue and strength is easy—the wrapper even proudly states, “No Compromise… No Junk, No Kidding.” Strong looks good on you!





Customizable Banners


Finally, these purple Her Campus banners provide a fun way to represent your chapter in your own unique way. Using Krazy Glue, which is great for any art projects or around-the-house repairs, decorate them with puffy paint, rhinestones, patches and glue—the possibilities are endless! Not only would it be a fun team bonding event to dress them up, but they also could serve as cute gifts for any graduating members (I’m not crying, you’re crying).


As always, we loved the products in our survival kit and cannot wait for the next one to arrive!