Feelings about the End of a Semester, as Told by New Girl GIFs

I don’t know about you, but New Girl has always been one of those shows that I can watch over and over again. Similarly, the cast of characters is what makes this a gold mine. I truly see a little bit of myself in all of them.


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So for a little fun end to the semester, I’m going to find GIFs from New Girl that express how I’m feeling as another chapter in my college career closes.


  • That feeling when you don’t do any homework over Thanksgiving… and then come back to finals being two weeks away:


  • Trying to analyze how to best prepare for finals week, only to log in and see you have literally no idea where you stand academically in ANY of your classes:


  • Giving yourself a brain break from studying… to watch Netflix or perhaps scope out holiday deals with a little online shopping:


  • But alas, you must get back on track at some point. Reward yourself with a little indulgent snack, you’re killing it:


  • Inevitably getting stressed out by the seemingly life-ruining thing called a GPA and practicing model poses as a backup:


  • Wanting so badly to get in the holly jolly spirit with the homies, but knowing you’ll regret it later:



  • Maybe waking up like this and cursing poor impulse control:



  • Walking into all my finals, feeling like Cece:


  • Being so brain dead that you just, like, need a minute:


  • Regardless of any setbacks, knowing at the end of the day you’re just like Schmidt:


  • At least you thought, until you had to check finals grades and have a face like Nick:


  • But it’s made all better by remembering you have a month to decompress and enjoy winter break:


Any way you choose to finish out the semester, just know that 2020 is right around the corner!


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GIFs provided by Giphy.com