Bananas for Beyoncé

When most normal couples today have a bad fight or face scandals, they usually take the time to clean up their social media accounts and delete any pictures they may have posted together. For music artists Beyoncé and Jay-Z, however, they both decided to take a different approach: who needs couples therapy when you can write music instead?


They both decided to release separate albums detailing their hurt and anger for the whole world to hear following Mr. Carter’s infidelity back in 2016—the “Queen of Pop” herself kicked things off with the unforgettable Lemonade and Jay-Z followed suit with 4:44 in 2017.


Because it has been two years since the cheating rift, the couple has reconciled with one another and joined forces to release their new collab album Everything Is Love. From Jay-Z throwing shade at the Grammys for going home empty-handed, despite his whopping eight nominations to Beyoncé bashing on Spotify for not wanting to put Lemonade on the streaming platform, the pair clears the air in their nine-track lineup.


One song in particular, though, has been on repeat both in my head and in my browser history. With its catchy chorus and workout-worthy beat, it’s no surprise that these were the first ten thoughts I had when I watched the music video for “APES**T” by The Carters.


1.  Did they seriously rent out the freaking Louvre all to themselves? (Spoiler: Yes, yes they did).

2.  I always forget how small the Mona Lisa is in real life.

3.  Oh my God, are their dancers naked? (Spoiler: No, no they’re not).

4.  “I can’t believe we made it” is such a real line for these two.

5.  Okay, but for real, the cinematography of this video is insanely good.

6.  Don’t you think that dress is a little much?

7.  God, I am SO jealous they rented out the Louvre.

8.  Beyoncé rapping is legit badass.

9.  Umm, I need that outfit ASAP. Thanks.

10.  The image of Jay-Z casually standing behind her while she loses it literally gives me life.

The music video for “APES**T” is memorable not only for its amazing cinematography—I loved how they paid tribute to multiple famous pieces from the Louvre—but also for the lyrics both artists sang and rapped throughout. A now complete album trilogy, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Everything is Love is guaranteed to make you go… bananas.