7 Reasons You Should Let Your Girls Breathe This National No Bra Day

I’ve recently started going braless, and I believe you should too. I understand that many women are used to wearing bras, and they feel uncomfortable going braless. I did my first couple of days too. My main goal of this article is for women to be comfortable in whatever way they can; it just so happens that going braless is comfortable for me and has health benefits. Below are seven reasons why you should let your girls go free!


It makes your breasts perkier.

Many people think going braless will make your breasts sag. However, this isn’t true. Bras actually deny your breasts the opportunity to strengthen muscles. When going braless, your breasts have the chance to work against gravity and strengthen muscles eventually making your breasts more round and perky.


Bras reduce circulation

Similar to tight clothing, bras reduce circulation by compressing major arteries. This can lead to cardiovascular issues later in life.


Overall, your breasts will have better health.

Not only do bras reduce circulation, but they also are caked with sweat, dirt and bacteria. Many women will wear bras for several days in a row. These conditions can cause acne and rashes on breasts … and I don’t think any of us ladies want that. 


You will save money.

Bras are expensive! Bras can range anywhere from $10 to $100. Considering you should have at least a few different bras (for sanitary purposes), the cost will add up quickly. If you don’t wear bras, you won’t need to buy them.


It is comfortable.

When I would take bras off at the end of the day, I would sigh a breath of relief. Imagine not putting one on at all. I don’t have anything pressing down on my breasts or fastened around my chest. It is way more comfortable this way. 


It is a confidence booster.

I admit that walking around without a bra can still make me a little self-conscious. Then I remember that this is my natural body, and I don’t need to display a false imagine by using push-up bras or bras in general. It is okay if my breasts don’t look good to somebody else, because you know what? These are my breasts not yours! If your breasts aren’t round or you have perkier nipples than others that can cause you to “nip out,” that is perfectly okay. Every body shape is unique, and this includes breasts and nipples. Embrace your body! 


It is convenient.

Have you ever had the issue of having a strapless dress and then needed to buy a strapless bra to go with it? How about having a dress with an open back and stressing about finding those weird bras that don’t hook? What happens if you have a dress that is low cut and has an open back? If you don’t wear bras, you don’t have to worry about any of these! 


Overall, I just want women to feel comfortable in whatever they decide to wear. No bra? Cool. Sports bra? Alright. Lacey bra? Fine. Wireless bra? I can get behind you. Push Up bra? You go, girl. You get my point here. No matter what you wear, I support you. It may not be my style, but that is okay. You do you, and don’t let anybody try to tell you otherwise!