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Justin Jones


Name: Justin Jones

Year: Sophomore 

Relationship Status: SINGLE (and ready to mingle. Ok…emphasis mine.)

What you look for in a girl: I love girls who have a good sense of humor and like to smile, and who are humble and easy to talk to. I also love girls who are intelligent and can make me think about things in different ways just by spending time with them.  

Favorite pick up line: Anything genuine and disarming. 

Dream Date: A sunny day in the park or on a beach with some really good food. 

What’s something surprising about you? I took my first flying lesson when I was 10, and I’ve logged 5 hours toward my pilot’s license since then.

Rani is a sophomore at Williams College who plans to major in Political Science and concentrate in Leadership Studies. She is a campus tour guide and a board member of her college's Women's Collective. Rani has a serious interest in media and communications and plans to attend graduate school. When not reading or writing something, she is usually watching silly reality TV shows with her friends, making a playlist for every possible minute of her life, poring over the countless blogs she follows, or painting her nails. You can usually find her at any campus event that has free food.
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