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Ana E. Contreras ’16

Name: Ana E. Contreras ’16

Major: Political Science and English with an Africana Concentration

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Relationship status: Single

Yourself in 3 words: I motivate myself

What do you look for in a relationship? It seems pretty self-obsessed to say it but I love myself. So, ideally, I look for someone who loves themselves as much as I do. I look for a partner who would bring something to my life I don’t already have being single. Relationships are about knowing how to be a good partner and I think people sometimes are too obsessed with what they’re getting out of the bond to remember the other person.

Favorite Pick-Up Line? [Takes off glasses] “All I see is you.” 

Guilty Pleasure? I like to listen to Cruise by Florida Georgia Line when I’m driving…I’m actually pretty ashamed of that to be honest.

Hidden Talent? I’m an animal photographer— pets and campus squirrels mostly though.

Michella is a senior at Williams College, majoring in Political Science. When she's not reading up on political theories, you'll catch Michella singing with her a capella group on campus or helping folks out at the front desk in the science library.
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