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Why Taylor Swift is the Best Lyricist of this Generation

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While not everyone is a fan of Taylor Swift (how could you not), she has left a defining mark in the music industry, in this generation. She has received numerous awards for her albums, songs, and songwriting. Taylor was also named “Artist of the Decade” at the American Music Awards. Taylor has furthermore contributed to popular culture through her music. For example, her country-pop hit “22” is a defining anthem for those turning 22 years old. Therefore, it is no doubt that singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is a well-known artist of this generation. But what makes Taylor Swift so popular? In essence, her songwriting and lyricism set her apart from other artists. Hence, why Taylor Swift is the best lyricist of this generation… 

She’s a Storyteller  

Taylor Swift is a storyteller at heart. Storytelling is an aspect of her music that makes it immensely enjoyable. Her music, like a story, has a beginning, climax and conclusion. Her storytelling corresponds to how listeners are focused on what her lyrics mean. For example, her song All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) tells the story of heartbreak. Heartbreak is a popular trope in music. However, what makes All Too Well (10 Minute version) (Taylor’s Version) so popular is the fact that Taylor is not only expressing her heartbreak through the song but invites listeners in on the story of how she got her heartbroken. Taylor Swift accomplishes this by emphasizing the beginning, climax, and conclusion in her music. Therefore, Taylor Swift invites her listeners and fans in on her journeys through her storytelling. Her storytelling and lyricism overall make her music profound and relatable to listeners. 

She’s a Literary Genius 

With the use of literary devices, annotating is a must. Literary devices also add a profound meaning to their primary text. The use of literary devices is furthermore a sign of intellect. With the following being stated, the lyrics of any Taylor Swift song are like no other. Taylor takes advantage of the use of literary devices in her lyricism. The use of literary devices by Taylor Swift compels listeners to comprehend her lyrics. She commonly uses metaphors in her lyricism to convey an intense and heartfelt message in her music. For example, in her song “Cardigan” she metaphorically compares herself to an old untouched cardigan left under her bed. She then expresses how her initial love interest puts the cardigan on like their favourite piece of clothing. Taylor Swift seemingly describes how she felt love from this individual through the visual imagery of the old cardigan which is brilliant! With the profound use of literary devices in her lyricism, she stands out from other artists and showcases her intelligence. Taylor Swift is a literary genius! 

Her Lyricism is Versatile  

Versatility is one of the best qualities to have as a singer-songwriter. Versatility is essential because trends and popular culture are constantly changing, and artists must adapt to these changes. Taylor Swift is intuitively versatile and has been successful in many different genres of music throughout the decade. In total, Taylor Swift has released nine studio albums. She has experimented with country, pop and alternative folk music on her nine studio albums. Taylor Swift has also won Grammy Awards for Album of the Year in each genre (Fearless, 1989 and folklore!). Taylor Swift contributes to just about everything she releases. Therefore, through her skillful and intuitive lyricism, Taylor can write successful and popular music in just about any genre. In addition to album genres, this does not limit her to writing different songs for different moods and emotions. Her songwriting has changed with each era she has entered (Shake it Off and Cardigan are so different!). Taylor Swift, has you covered whether you want to have a country, dance or sad moment. Just look up her discography, and you’ll be able to find whatever vibe you’re feeling! 

Overall, Taylor Swift has made an imprint on the music industry. Taylor Swift is furthermore the catalyst for many trends in popular culture this generation. Taylor has proven time and time again that she can be successful in just about any direction she chooses to take in her musical journey. What ultimately guides Taylor Swift is her intelligent lyricism. Her lyricism distinguishes her from other prevalent artists of this generation. Her ability to tell a story, use literary devices and versatility through her lyrics and music proves why Taylor Swift is the best lyricist of this generation! 

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