The Top 5 Coffee Spots in Waterloo

Although it’s a small city, Waterloo offers many local shops with unique tastes. This is great for discovering cute gems hidden at the heart of city square. As a Laurier student, it can be hard to find a good study space that has the RIGHT level of noise: not too quiet, not too loud. So today, I’m spilling the tea without spilling the cash, here are some amazing coffee shops sure to spice up your Instagram!


1. Settlement Co. 

Love nature? Are you an outdoorsy person? Then this is the place for you! Settlement Co. has locations in Uptown Waterloo AND Downtown Kitchener. They have a host of yummy pastries and local drinks that are oh-so-good and a wonderful aesthetic. This place is decked out in plants and pillows. 

The best part is, not only are the baristas friendly, the atmosphere is perfect for studying. They even have a nature wall that hhangs above the ceiling, it feels like you’re studying in a forest- a comfy, relaxing, and gorgeous one, too!

2. Princess Café 

Photo Credit: Emily Kim

If you’re looking for a quiet place to study, then Princess Café is perfect. They have AH-MAZING sandwiches that are both healthy and plated beautifully. You can take them to go, or bring them to a cute little study-space called “The Annex.” This addition to the Princess Café offers a generally quiet area for customers to study and a bright environment to do so. 

3. One King North 

One of the newer coffee shops on King Street, One King North, is an open-concept masterpiece. Bright and beautiful, this coffee shop is a hidden treasure in the heart of uptown Kitchener. How is it so different? Get this: the first floor is a shared workspace, the second floor has dedicated desks and even an event space!

 They offer a great space to get natural light and study in a quiet area. Since it’s in the middle of downtown, you get a BEAUTIFUL view of the city!

4. Berlin Bicycle 

Rustic and warm are two words to describe this European-inspired café. If you are a food fanatic, you’ll love the options on the menu (I recommend the Basil Peach Chicken Wrap). It offers variety and a great community space to work on assignments or socialize with friends. This place has something for everyone (you can even buy a bike there!!! That’s not something you see every day). 

5. The Bauer Bakery and Café 

When you think of community, what comes to mind? This shop is the D-E-F-I-N-I-T-I-O-N of community: friendly, local eats, and a warm environment. Again, their food is amazing, especially the hand-crafted bread and coffee. It has everything that makes a studious social butterfly flock to this café.