Save Money, Travel More?

The struggle becomes too real when it comes to traveling on a budget. Not only can it be hard to find great food and experiences in a foreign city, but hotel prices can be SO expensive. Sometimes, it feels like although we WANT to travel, we’re limited by how much money is in our wallets. Sigh. But how can we still travel without breaking the bank?

Backpacker College is a new company that offers cheap stays all across Canada. As a fellow university alumnus, Rob Evans has made a way for students to stay in a safe place near eateries, shops, and landmark sites.

“It was the right choice for me,” Rob says, “I had travelled around North America for a while and some of my global travel day dreams were being replaced with ones of weeks working in a specific Canadian college town – It’s the social, energetic, and ready to go environment that is irreplaceable.”

By offering people the chance to stay in dorms when not in use, those looking to save money can spare a couple bucks to travel. Hard earned cash that can then be used to experience fun events, go to unique restaurants, or just saved for a rainy day!

Rob Evans was inspired to create Backpacker College for those who love traveling to different places and experiencing the different vibes of each town. “My love for travel, my experiences in college and university towns, and my relationships I had built in the college and university community – That’s where Backpacker College came from. I knew that the travel community I spent a year in would love it, students would love it, families would love it, everyone would love it!”

Photo Credit: @Backpackercollege on Instagram

Traveling is all about the experience YOU have, that’s what makes Backpacker College so unique. It allows guests to save money. Staying on a campus offers travellers a downtown experience without breaking the bank. “It’s a new perspective, no matter if it’s a few cities away or half way around the world – It’s still valuable to who you are and who you will become. It is the people you meet, the stories you make (emphasis: THE STORIES YOU MAKE) that become the memories you hold onto forever,” Rob says.

Photo Credit: @Backpackercollege on Instagram

But why would people find Backpacker College appealing?

“What makes Backpacker College appealing to travellers is the affordable accommodation and knowing exactly what they’re getting,” says Rob, “A traveller looking for a place to stay, or one that has already booked, will be able to browse things to do in the area on the app. It makes planning all the details of a budget trip so easy.”

Even better: Backpacker College has affiliates with over 100 college and university communities across the UK and Canada!

Photo Credit: @Backpackercollege on Instagram

With Backpacker College, you always know where you’re going to stay and who is responsible for your room. It’s a safe and reliable way to travel. Saving money+ close to the city+ a safe stay= a GREAT trip!

“Staying in residence is great!  – You know exactly what you’re walking into – It’s standard and commercial grade and guess what, you’re also in a great location. There will for sure be transportation options outside your door, and cheap, great eats close by. OH, and the price is unbeatable”