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How to Take Nudes: Tips from a Professional Photographer

From sports photography to wedding photography, I have done it all! However, there is something so special about taking nudes. They exude confidence and help you claim your own sexuality, which is beautiful. You don’t need fancy equipment or lights to take a sexy photo. This article outlines some tips to help you spice up your sexting life.

First things first, sexting and sending nudes is fun, as it should be, but it’s important to make sure that you are sending them consensually. I once had a guy send me a photo of him at a funeral and then a dick pic from the bathroom. That’s not cool, don’t do that. Timing is everything. Secondly, the one thing that will majorly improve your nudes is your self-talk. You are so beautiful and your body is a temple, so think of it as such. If you don’t feel sexy, it does not matter what angle you use you will end up hating the photos you take. With that in mind, remember that angles, lighting and production design are everything. When you see professional boudoir photos or even porn, there is so much more going on beyond the models to make the photo look good. Don’t feel like your photos are less than because you don’t have all of that.

Now onto the real tips! If you have a mirror, you should 100 percent use it! You can get some really great angles and take photos of parts of your body that otherwise would be difficult. You can take photos in underwear or fully nude, whatever you’re comfortable with, but depending on how much you want to reveal, you can contort your body to showcase your best assets. The best thing is that you can see and practice your pose as much as you want before turning on your camera to get yourself comfortable. For the ladies, I recommend laying down on the floor in a “doggy” style position and taking a photo. If you’re really feeling it, take a short video with some movement of yourself sliding down. Nude or not, what the post is suggesting will be enough to drive anyone wild. Another great photo idea is the striptease. Any photo or video of you lifting up your clothes or pulling at them to the point where you’re almost naked is going to be amazing. Teasing and anticipation are what makes nudes sexy. If you’re just naked, without any nuance, the photo can lose its magic.

Let’s talk about lighting now. Having a flat light or just overhead lighting will ruin your photos. You need at least a second source to add some dynamism to the photos. It will highlight your abs, jawline, curves and generally make everything look better! Play around with lighting and find what works for you. It doesn’t need to be professional lighting; in fact, it would probably be too harsh of a light to pick up on an iPhone. A lamp or ring light will be perfect. You can see what will soften certain aspects and highlight others.

Finally, have some fun with it. Sexting is meant to be fun and playful not stressful. Figure out what poses make you feel sexy and they will come across as sexy. As long as you have your confidence, nothing else really matters.


Adrianna Pater

Wilfrid Laurier '21

Adrianna - 4th year Film and Management student at Wilfrid Laurier University. You will probably find me at the library. Instagram @AddiePater
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