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Shameless Christmas Plug at Halloween

Yes, I know. It’s Halloween. Yay.

But seriously, has anyone forgotten about Christmas? It’s right around the corner and it’s way better than Halloween.

That’s right, I said it. On the scale of holidays, Christmas comes first and Halloween is a far third or fourth. If anyone out there is like me and you’re tired of being more afraid to walk home alone at night than usual and your taste buds are ready to overthrow the tyranny of bad halloween candy, follow me. Because I’m about to remind you why Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Reason One: Christmas Songs!

Can someone please give me the name of even one good Halloween song?  Probably not. Okay, fine. I’ll give you “Thriller,” but that’s about it. The splendor that is Christmas has given us “All I Want for Christmas,” “Jingle Bells,” “12 Days of Christmas,” and so, so many more. If you’re trying to repress your friends’ sad attempts to sing the “Ghostbusters” song while they pretend it counts as a Halloween song just because it mentions ghosts, check out this video. And yes—it is a three-hour long playlist of Christmas songs. So settle in and hit that subscribe button for more.

Reason Two: Christmas Food!

I know. I know. Halloween candy. “There’s so much of it,” and “It’s so cheap.” Blah. Blah. Blah. Halloween candy is sad. It’s bad quality, mass produced, and probably contains something fatal if you’re accepting it from strangers. But Christmas food tastes like it’s hand-crafted by angels. And not only is there candy, but there’s chocolate fountains at parties, turkey dinners at family functions, and gingerbread houses when you’re at home in your onesie. And if you’re still into candy, think of the candy canes. You can take them plain, sprinkle them on chocolate bark, mix it in with your hot chocolate lattes, hang them from your glorious Christmas trees, and use them to decorate your Christmas sweaters.

Reason Three: Christmas Decorations!

Holly! Garlands! Lights! Bells! Trees! Happy thoughts! Christmas decorations are out of this world. And I love it. If you ask me, decorations are supposed to decorate, not make a place look even more hellish. Halloween, I’m looking at you. The power of Christmas decorations knows no end. Don’t stop with the tree. Throw some garlands over the cracks in the drywall. Drop some mistletoe on the stains on the floor and claim it’s for a creative spin. Christmas decorations can make any place look dazzling. And I’ve seen some of the student housing we pay to live in. It needs a bit of Christmas.

Reason Four: Santa!

Or maybe your parents, significant others, and friends. Depends where your current belief system lies (but we all know Santa is real). Anyways, presents! Arguably the best part of Christmas, presents are something that Halloween just doesn’t feature. Whether it’s socks, a gift card, or an actual thoughtful gift meant for you, there’s no denying that free gifts are the best—especially when you’re a poor, starving student. And it’s not just receiving presents. Giving gifts is also part of the fun. Who can deny the feeling of buying that perfect gift for a friend and then seeing their face fill with pure joy as they open it—there’s no better feeling in the world.

Reason Five: Christmas Spirit!

There’s always that one ungrateful kid who didn’t want the Xbox One S, but the Xbox One X, and effectively ruins Christmas for anyone who took the time to buy them a present. And yet, there’s no denying that Christmas is the time of the year where grudges are set aside, people forget about the debts they’re owed, and everyone just takes some time to enjoy life. There’s something about the solemn beauty of a well decked tree, a crackling fire, and a room full of loved ones that seems to bring out the best in us fowl, selfish humans. Plus, there’s nothing a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows can’t solve. Christmas is a time of love—a feeling that Halloween just can’t replace.

So this Halloween, if you just can’t seem to find your way through, keep the spirit of Christmas in your heart, and it’ll be here soon.

Best wishes,

A fellow Christmas enthusiast.

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Patricia is a fourth-year student at Western University working towards completing her Honours Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature. Her current obsessions include, but are not limited to, mad amounts of chai tea, Game of Thrones, and her all-time favourite—used books.
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