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This is the year you’ll start to see changes in your life including the relationships you have with people, your mindset, and you’ll also see the moment where reality hits you. The past three years swung by a little too fast but this is the ultimate year for you to build on your career, to figure out your next steps to adulthood, and more importantly, to carefully examine what you really want in life. The experiences you have in university can make an impact on your life after graduation.

Stress can be pretty overwhelming during your fourth year because it is hard to figure out a successful career and what steps to take to achieve your goals. And, of course, almost everyone wants to have a blast in their last year of university, which makes it even more challenging to balance it all like going out to bar nights with your girls while trying to maintain a good average alongside keeping up with your extracurriculars or work. At least for me, enjoying the last year of undergrad means having a memorable homecoming or “FOCO” and being able to explore my potential in meeting new people and attending as many social events as I can. So, balance and time management is super important for fourth year students.

This is also the time where you feel the most pressure to succeed compared to other university years. Not only do you have to focus on school, extracurriculars, or work, you have to manage and plan out exactly where to go after graduation and the route to your success. Personally, my first year experience at Western has felt so different compared to how I feel now as a fourth year student: my schedule feels more tight, my calendar is filled up with plans and commitments. Furthermore, first year was a fun experience for me, it gave me opportunities to be social and meet new people, but for a fourth year student, focusing on yourself is key.

Fourth year will be a hectic year, but it is or will be the year where you will focus on yourself the most as well as the year where your adulthood peaks in. It is the time when you will feel more mature and probably handle things differently than what you would have in first year. Always surround yourself with positive people who will challenge you to become a better person, keep your head up at all times, and remember: everything will be okay.

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