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How To Get the Platinum Blonde of Your Dreams

Platinum blonde hair (or whatever you call it: ash, silver, white, etc.) has risen to huge popularity in the past few years and can be seen sported by mainstream celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence, to name a few. I, myself, took the plunge a couple of years ago and dyed my hair platinum blonde. There are many things I wish I knew before I started the process, so I asked my stylist, Aujha Hastings, to give me some advice for anyone who wishes to pursue this bold and daring look.

About the Stylist

A bit about Hastings: she has been in the industry for four years after graduating from the Aveda Institute and Academy in Toronto. She went through extensive advanced training and participates in continuous education through classes with Revlon and Schwarzkopf, two major companies specializing in hair colour treatments. Being blonde herself, Hastings knows how to find the best shade of blonde for her clients. If you take a quick look at her instagram, @aujart, you’ll see many transformation pictures where she brings a dull, brassy hair to life with a beautiful, healthy looking blonde. It’s important to research your stylist first and make sure they’re comfortable and capable with working blondes. I was recommended to Hastings through a friend and have continued seeing her ever since.

Be Realistic, and Trust Your Stylist!

If it’s your first time with a new stylist, they may want to consult with you first to get a look at your hair. Going blonde can be incredibly harsh, especially if you’re going towards the silver/white/platinum route. For most, it will take several sessions to get to the perfect shade you’re looking for. However, it all varies based on hair type, base colour, previous dyes and more. For Hastings, it took her six sessions, whereas my hair only took one! The most important thing to note when going through this process is to be realistic. Hastings notes that “everyone’s hair has its limitations; sometimes hair just won’t give up the yellow pigment.” Again, your stylist will know best. If they say that you won’t be able to achieve platinum blonde, they’re not lying! Attempting to go platinum when your hair won’t give up the pigment will result in a huge waste of time and money, and will irreparably damage your hair. “Trust me when I say that your stylist isn’t just trying to make a sale when it comes to products,” warns Hastings, noting that the best thing you can do is put your faith in your stylist.

Products are Everything

Since the dying process can be incredibly damaging to your hair, it’s important that you use the right products. “I cannot guarantee your colour or hair integrity if you’re not using everything necessary to maintain your hair.” says Hastings. She recommends asking your stylist for Olaplex, a treatment added to the bleach to help prevent breakage. I personally agree to the treatment every time and it has made a world of difference!

Hastings swears by Aveda products, stating that “during my [teen] years before I began my career… I would rotate Shopper’s Drug Mart and Wal-Mart products… nothing has ever compared to Aveda products for making my hair feel insanely healthy.” You can also feel great using Aveda products as they support third-world communities with every purchase, as well as providing safe working environments to harvest certified organic ingredients. Hastings’ most noted products, and her thoughts on them, are listed below:

  1. Blue Malva Shampoo — “I find it’s not strong enough [to tone my hair] but a really good cleanser that won’t strip the toner from my hair.” Find it here for $44.00.

  2. Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment — “This is the BEST mask I’ve ever used. It has quinoa protein in it and replenishes everything. Do NOT overuse it, too much protein is bad. I use mine once every two weeks.” Find it here for only $38.00.

  3. Brilliant Conditioner — “It’s meant for kinky/coily hair to soften it, but it’s so moisturizing and blondes tend to feel more dry that I absolutely love it for blondes too.” Purchase it here for $22.00.

Hastings and I both use Pravana Perfect Blonde shampoo as well.. It’s an amazing toning shampoo that she recommends to all her clients and is perfect at maintaining blonde and preventing brass between touch up appointments. Buy it here for $54.70.

Styling Platinum Blonde Hair

Once you’ve achieved platinum hair it’s important to remember it is incredibly fragile. You just put your hair through a lot and it’s important you treat it gently in order to maintain healthy hair. Before using heat tools, avoid applying serums or oils: “Only use them after you’re done styling, even if it says on the label that it’s okay to use before styling,” Hastings warns. If you must blow dry your hair, make sure you use a heat protector. Hastings recommends Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control, or Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. When flat ironing your hair, turn the temperature down to 370°F and try to only go over each section once or twice.

Have Fun with it!

Being blonde is, you guessed it, way more fun. It’s a trendy, hip look that is sure to get you noticed wherever you go! In a sense, going platinum changed my life. I went from having dull, dark blonde hair to a bright, eye-catching platinum and it gave me a huge confidence boost. I found that the platinum helped me express who I am and made me more outgoing. If you think it’s right for you, go for it! It will all be worth it in the end.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Hastings at aujha.renewbeauty@gmail.com

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