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Glow on the Go Sampling Bar Coming to Western

Western will be hosting a St. Ives “Glow on the Go” sampling bar on March 19 and 20. A number of Western students are involved in the digital promotion of the event and encourage their peers on-campus to attend!

The event will take place in a promotional truck parked in front of the University Community Center (UCC) and will have promoters on site to supply students with St. Ives products from their “Glow on the Go” line.

Kieran Mathew, Founder and CEO of Amplify Solutions Inc., one of the many companies responsible for the campaign with St.Ives, will be on site at the Western sampling bar with his team and is encouraging students to attend the event.

“Come by the truck in-front of the UCC [for] a free, customized sampling experience […] based on your desired naturally sourced extracts and exfoliation level,” stated Mathew.

Mathew says that his team is working to drive traffic to the event by leveraging Western influencers through Instagram promotions.

The students have had the opportunity to work with St. Ives, learning about the brand and digital marketing, helping the organization drive awareness of the sampling bar throughout Ontario and Quebec.

“The students have had a blast at the other campuses. It’s an immersive experience, in what I would call a very Instagram-able setting. The best part is that you’ll walk away with some great customized products and it’s entirely free” said Mathew.

This free and completely customizable “Glow on the Go” event will run from 11:30am to 4:00pm each day.

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