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I understand the natural progression of a relationship. You meet a guy and the two of you start talking. You hook up because sampling the goods is important. Then you tell each other all your best lies like, I never drink too much. After getting to know one another, within a few months, you start dating.

Here is my problem: being tied down in university is not fun. And while those who are in relationships see the benefit of coming home to someone every night, let me educate you on what you’re missing.

I’d like to preface this by saying, if your reason for staying with your significant other is because “it’s nice to have someone around,” break up with them. Learn to be alone and uncomfortable because that’s the space where life happens. Don’t keep someone around to fill a space that you could otherwise fill with doing things for yourself. By making yourself a person who is comfortable being alone you’ll attract that vibe.

Innocently talking about all the people you could hook up with might be one of the most entertaining pastimes. Going on dates builds conversation and forces you out of your comfort zone; don’t even get me started on all the funny bad date stories you’re missing out on when you tie yourself down too young. If Meghan Markle hadn’t gotten a divorce, she wouldn’t be engaged to Prince Harry. So again, live in the uncomfortable, be single, and push yourself to be alone. Then when you meet someone you’ll be ready and secure with who you are.

I’m not saying the single life is for everyone; sometimes if you know, you know. But, if you don’t know… stop seeing the guy that mildly interests you for the sake of having someone. You’ll look back and regret it, I promise.

To help you out, here is how you make single fun, because—it should be fun. When you go out with your friends, go to have a good time. If you meet someone, great; if you don’t, who cares? The point is to enjoy the night. If you do happen to meet someone, confidence is key. They are lucky to be meeting you, not the other way around.

People that want boyfriends don’t get them. Your end goal is happily ever after, I get it, but don’t go to the bar hoping a guy or girl will make your night. You will come home feeling empty. So, go out this weekend, have a drink and start meeting people like the future princess Ms. Meghan Markle did. I promise confidence and a smile will get you everywhere.

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