Here are the Types of Friends You Should be Looking For

During high school and middle school, I moved three different times. After graduating from high school, I had to restart the cycle once again when I began college. Switching schools became a normal thing for me, and because of this making, new friends became usual as well. The ideal lesson I took from this experience is the type of friends you want and the type of friends that you don’t want.

Eighth grade was the first time I moved and the first time I had a true best friend; I switched friend groups several times during this year. This changed when I took a girl’s seat in Spanish class and shortly after that, she became my best friend. Her family became my family. Even states away now, I know at the end of the day she will be standing as one of my bridesmaids at my wedding whenever that time comes. She is the type of friend that challenges me to try things I honestly never want to do, like using a tanning lotion that made us look like oranges or swimming in a river in the middle of town. Or our most recent adventure of using a paddle boat on the lake and realizing we weren’t getting anywhere, so we just used them for tanning. That’s not all the adventures we’ve had just some highlights. That's a type of friend you want.

During my freshman year and halfway through my tenth grade year was the last time I moved. I was friends with people that I didn’t feel were genuine at first. I was the “new” girl, and they had been friends since they were in kindergarten. I never thought that I was truly a part of that group.

I am thankful to say that I found two of my best friends between my junior and senior year. They both had a completely different outlook on life. I’ve had several up and downs with one of them, but we always come out stronger. We’re still best friends to this day. The second one was someone who taught me a lot. She knew what she wanted in life, and she knew exactly what it took to get there. She’s still one of my best friends to this day even though our crazy lives have gotten in the way. Despite the distance, she’s always there, and we always pick up where we left off.

Last but definitely not least, I have my college best friend. Thankfully she kept me from getting lost during our orientation, and we have been friends ever since. She cares so much for everyone she meets and every four-legged animal she comes across. She is someone I know will always be there for me and have my back even if she doesn’t agree with my decisions. She is one of those best friends you want by your side forever. She is the type of friend that turns the worst nights into the best nights. I am forever thankful she was put into my orientation group.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how many friends you have. The things that matter the most are the true friends you find along the way.  The four that I have, I am thankful every day for, no matter the distance, or the miles.