Five Things To Do When You are Sick to Make You Feel Less Gross

I am writing this from underneath a mountain of used tissues and cough drop wrappers.


1. Make some tea

Ginger tea relieves nausea, and peppermint tea can help with alleviating a sore throat. PRO TIP: add lemon to your herbal tea for that extra boost in vitamin C. Honey is also great to add when you have a super irritating cough.

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2. Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

Water can help you detoxify your body while you are sick, and it also allows you to lower your core temperature when you have a fever. It is extremely important for replenishing the nutrients and hydration that you lose while battling your cold. Adding a spoonful of molasses to your water will also help you get in some calories, especially when nothing seems appetizing to you, no even a large ZZA.


3. Work Out

Now, we must proceed with caution with this one. IF your symptoms are from the neck up, like a stuffy nose or a sore throat, sweating out your cold can help with your symptoms. Make sure that you are still taking it easy, and avoid a 1 R-M max on squats. Walking would be more appropriate. If your symptoms are from the neck down, then stay home you sick puppy, and keep your germs to yourself.


4. Have a Shower

Taking a hot shower will help with cold symptoms such as a stuffy nose because the steam from the water can temporarily open your sinuses. Don’t shower if you have a high fever though, it is a common myth that taking showers will help bring down your temperature quickly, but in actuality, it will cause your body temperature to drop and your body will try to increase its temperature to recover a thermal balance which can actually make your fever worse.


5. Take a Break

You deserve it, and you need to give yourself rest. Cancel your plans with your bestie or call in at work. Your body will appreciate the little TLC and you may recover more quickly, unlike if you were to push through, which can cause your symptoms to become worse and increase your recovery time. Also, the people around you will also appreciate that you are not sharing your germs with them!



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