How Keeping a Journal Helped Me

Journaling can be difficult. Some days it feels like there’s nothing to write about, while on other days, there’s so much to write about that whether you’re typing or writing, the speed at which the words hit the paper simply isn’t enough to capture what you have to say, and words don’t seem to have the capacity to fully capture what you need.

Whatever the situation, writing has almost always helped me. Sometimes, it’s on the days when I’m forcing words onto paper when I’m hit with some unexpected introspective realization.

What I’ve noticed is that what you choose to do in your day to day life has a big impact on your “big picture” life. As I’ve been going through old entries, I can barely recognize the person I was just a year ago, but I don’t remember any huge changes I made in my life style.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Change happens when you’re not paying attention, for better or for worse. But journaling can help you realize how your habits are shaping you as a person. It lets you document your change.

With the rise of social media and technology, journaling doesn’t even have to be done the traditional pen and paper route. I know a lot of people who just keep a Word document or even create a finsta to release their thoughts and emotions.

All I suggest is this: try writing something, even if it’s just a list or a sentence, every day for a month. I promise you, you’ll feel good about it.