How Do You Know When to Let Go?

Letting go isn't easy for anyone, especially when you have been with someone for years. After being with someone for a long time it can be hard to let go because of all of the time and effort you have invested into the relationship. But if you are truly unhappy and see these following three signs then the best thing to do is to let go.

Change in Personality:

We all know that when we first meet someone they try to go over and beyond to try and win your heart, and once they win you over their attentiveness tends to diminish. Sometimes that's not the case which is great but other times a lack in interest can affect the relationship.Once you have gotten to know a person over time their true colors seem to show through when they already have you. Sometimes as the relationship progresses you being to notice that they can be possessive, they have an aggressive tone towards you or they just may talk badly about your family and friends. This here is a clear sign that he/she doesn't care as much for you as you would have thought in the beginning, and that there was a lot more to know about this person that he/she actually showed.

Doesn't invest in you:

Over time your partner may begin to feel comfortable with you and think that they don't have to put in as much effort since they already have you. This is a misconception many people in relationships tend to think. But in reality you should always try and invest in some sort of way into your partner to show that you care. Yes, gifts are nice and are a good way to show the person you love that you still care for them, but even more precious is time. When someone truly cares for you they'll do what ever they can to try and invest time in you. That could mean canceling the guys night out to spend some time with his partner. Little acts like these show that he/she puts you first and you'll always be a priority. If he/she ignores your calls, leaves you on read or if they simply ignore you altogether when you guys hang out that is a clear sign that they aren't as invested in you or the relationship like they might have once were.

Makes You Feel Bad:

Everyone loves to hear how amazing they are from their partner but what happens when the person you are with puts you down instead? This tends to happen in a lot of relationships. If you come to find that your partner never has anything nice to say about you or insults you altogether this is a clear sign that they don't repeat you and don't truly love you. When you truly love someone you don't go around calling them names or make them feel bad for how they look or act.If someone can't see the beauty and respect you as a person then they aren't the right one. Also, no one should ever make you feel bad for something that you didn't intensionally do or for something that you couldn't control. I was in a relationship once were the person I was with would constantly make me feel bad for crying, they would say I would do it for attention when I truly was hurt. Don't ever let someone treat you like this because you deserve better.

If any of these warning signs rings true, ask yourself if it's really worth staying in this relationship—after all, you deserve to be with someone who appreciates you for who you are and builds you up, not tears you down.