A Deeper Look into Dr. Ford's Testimony to Congress

On September 27, 2018, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified under oath to Congress, accusing now Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexually assaulting her when they were schoolmates. Despite her testimony in front of the highest court in the most powerful nation in the world, we chose to dismiss her.

Instead of listening to her, we decided to discredit her. The leading officials of this country decided not only to dismiss her claims, but demonize her by accusing her of fabricating a story for political gain and money. Even the President of the United States made a conscious decision and effort to make her the butt end of a joke. He even went on to state that Dr. Ford’s testimony is an example of how men are now the victims of the #MeToo movement, giving people permission to warp her story into an example of how all women lie about sexual assault.

Dr. Ford’s testimony, which was supposed to be about uncovering the true nature and character of a Supreme Court nominee—a man who would be given the power to make non-partisan decisions about the laws governing this country—was weaponized against her. The nation chose to use a story about assault to tarnish Dr. Ford’s name, and give men protection and the identity of victimhood.

And what was all of this for? To appoint a man who would help overturn Roe v Wade? To further make a point that we, as a country, believe women should not be given autonomy over their own bodies?

Instead of listening to a woman, we decided that we would rather have a man with a clear drinking problem and a history of aggression and violence against women making decisions for this country. This historical moment has not only revealed the true nature of Brett Kavanaugh, but the dark underbelly of our country.