Is College Worth the Price?

As an out of state student, tuition is always in the periphery of my mind. It’s become a big enough worry for me to the point where I’m trying to graduate a year early. This self-inflicted pressure to graduate early has left me finding myself thinking about sacrificing certain classes that interest me out of fear that they’d lead me off schedule to graduate.

To this, I have to say: don’t let fear dictate the quality of your education. This is both a lesson I’d like to impart, as well as remind myself.

Never again will you have the chance to choose your own undergraduate experience.

Rushing through your education and not exploring all the avenues that you’re interested might seem like a money and time saver in the moment, but this is time in your life specifically allocated towards the exploration of your interests, academic or otherwise.

In fact, to rush through this time would be spending it unwisely. Never will you have so many resources available and catered to you. The best way to spend the money going to your education is to explore everything that does interest you.

And I don’t mean this purely in the academic sense. Take time to check out different clubs and organizations. You’ll make new friends and connections and get exposed to new types of people. I’ve struggled with giving myself the time and space to pursue my hobbies. Sometimes it’s difficult to see time spent doing something fun as something equally valuable as the time spent doing something academically related. But it’s also good to remember that the money you dedicate towards college isn’t just towards the education, it’s about the experience as a whole.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide how you want to spend your time. Time is money and it’s important to spend this time wisely because this time will never repeat again. You can buy as many goods as you want, but time in college is not something that you can replace.