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5 Things Only Ski Bums Understand

1.They have their own language

When you hang around skiers, you find yourself starting to say “rad” and “right on”. You even learn what phrases like “poke your stoke” means. Even if you haven’t started saying those things, their easy going nature and steezy (“steezy” = stylish + easy) style has probably started to rub off on you.

2. There are many different ways to describe snow conditions

Pow pow, corduroy, flake, pillow drift, crust, snirt, etc. The list goes on forever.

3. Two planks are better than one

Skiing is superior to snowboarding. Enough said.

4. You can make the most out of even the smallest mountains

Not every mountain has a ton of challenging terrain. However, with the right attitude, you can shred anything and make it exciting. Ski backwards or with one ski, go off trail, or try a new trick! There’s never a boring day on the mountain.

5. Even the best skiers fall

When you love to ski, you’re always going to push yourself to get better. The most fearless and dedicated skiers have the gnarliest falls after trying to do something new. It’s just a part of skiing, and it’s how you improve. Just don’t lose a ski!

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