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A Part of Growing Up

Yesterday, I was scrolling through Facebook on the train. There were the typical posts in my news feed, like someone posting a new profile picture or friends getting tagged in memes. But there was one post in particular that caught my eye.

“Life event: [this person] is now engaged to [this person].” (I won’t reveal their names because that’s besides the point).

I couldn’t hide my shock on the train and let out an audible gasp. Two people that I went to school with from elementary school, junior high and high school with are going to spend their entire lives together, and it took me a while to wrap my mind around that concept.

But now that I think of it, the “people who I went to school with are getting engaged” debacle is a rite of passage in becoming older. You feel like you are being left behind in the dust as people you grew up with start growing up faster than you. Seeing this Facebook post was the first time I felt this phenomenon in the flesh. Of course, there were some people who were older than me who got married, but since they are older it was more justified to me. However, two people who were both 19 or 20 getting married? I thought it was absolutely crazy. Not that I’m not happy for them. It’s just that this event made me realize how I’m getting older, no matter how much I try to shield myself from everything.

Later on in life, I am sure that there will be more and more people that I know who are getting married, and my panicky feeling will probably start up again later. But for now, I am incredibly happy and I am happy for my classmates who are getting married as well. I wonder if I’ll get an invitation to the wedding…

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