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Aphrodite’s Advice: Communication is Key

When it comes communication in a relationship, some people understand it, and some people completely miss it. It isn’t an easy thing. If this is something that you and your partner struggle with, here are a few important things to remember…

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Express yourself.

Don’t be afraid to express your feelings to your boyfriend. Guys don’t always understand how we think. By letting your man know how you think, you’ll help him to better understand you in the future. So tell him about your fears, your random thoughts, and your needs. It will help you two to grow closer. Similar to that, his feelings may be different from yours. It is important to make him feel like he can come to you with anything and that he won’t be judged. He needs to be able to tell you the same things you tell him. You should be in an equal partnership.

Don’t bottle it up.

Alright. This is so basic. This is like what they tell you on the first day of classes when you expect to just review the syllabus, but instead the professor decides to start lessons. If you’re unhappy about something just say it. It’s simple. Don’t let your unhappiness sit and fester. The argument when you explode will always be worse than confronting it early. By talking about issues before they become ticking time bombs, you’re able to discuss things more rationally. Two people yelling at each other is never productive.

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Be comfortable.

If you are in a relationship where you don’t feel comfortable enough to share everything and anything, you may not be with the right man. I can tell my boyfriend everything. I can tell him when I had a drink explode on me in my room, which happens more than you’d think, and I can tell him when I feel overwhelmed or inadequate at a school as tough as Wake. He makes me feel like he cares, and that I’m welcome to share anything with him because he’s genuinely interested about everything, no matter how trivial or how upsetting it might be.

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