Why I’m Not Ashamed to Say That Elle Woods is my Role Model

While in my first meeting with my pre-law advisor, I was about to mention a scene from Legally Blonde, but hesitated. Since then, I’ve realized I shouldn’t be ashamed that I consider Elle Woods to be an empowered woman that I’ve always looked up to as a role model. When I come to a crossroads in my life, I often find myself asking WWEWD or “What would Elle Woods do?” and it leads me in the right direction somehow. Here are some of the reasons why Elle inspires me: 

1. She doesn’t let people take advantage of her. 

Every time I watch the scene where she completely shuts down the sales woman, I can’t help but think “Yassss queen.” When people start to judge her based on her appearance, she shows them just how smart she is while taking the higher ground.  

2. She’s a firm believer in girl power. 

Throughout the movie she learns how to be independent. All along she thought she was searching for her idea of the perfect man, but came to realize how much more she deserved. 

3. She puts her sisters first. 

When I found myself struggling to find a friend group during my freshman year, I followed in her footsteps to rush a sorority and ended up meeting my wonderful sisters that I know will be lifelong friends. She values the bonds of sisterhood especially when she represents a fellow Delta Nu for her first case and always has a girl squad that has her back.  

4. She values her self worth.

She’s a firm believer in “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” using setbacks to empower her to be a better version of herself. When people pass her off as being a dumb blonde, she perseveres forward to prove them wrong. 

5. She blends her book smarts with her street/beauty smarts for an unstoppable combination.  

It still blows my mind how she was able to solve a murder case using the basics of hair care, but regardless she demonstrates how book smarts can only get you so far- your other interests will also pave the way to your success. 

6. She set her sights high and kept focused on her goal.

As I’m studying for my LSATs I will definitely be keeping Elle in mind. She prioritizes her schoolwork, knowing the key moments that will affect her future. She set her sights high despite people telling her she had an impossible goal.