The Stages of a Snow Day in College, As Told by The Office

Villanova University
United States

Stage One: Anticipation

There’s nothing worse than waiting for that glorious email telling you there’s no school, but of course it won’t come until 6am. It was so much easier in high school when your school would call you the night before, but universities have to ruin the fun and tell you in the morning because they don’t want you partying all night. So, you just have to wait for that email like…


Stage Two: The Moment of Pure Joy

There's nothing better than waking up, looking out your dorm window, and seeing a beautiful white coat of snow on the ground. You then check your phone and finally get that text or email, meaning you can turn off your alarms and get some much-needed extra sleep..


Stage Three: Relaxation

Even when you wake up, you can cuddle in bed all day and watch Netflix with your friends. No class=doing nothing.


Stage Four: Realizing You Still Have Homework

You’re sitting in bed, enjoying life, when you realize you have a quiz, two assignments, and 3 readings due tomorrow that you forgot about…



Stage Five: Realizing You Still Have Class Tomorrow

After a day of some relaxation, procrastination, and realizing you got nothing done, reality sets in that you still have class tomorrow. The snow day was great and all, but thinking about all the work you still have to do sucks big time. Snow days are stupid.