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Meet Madison Montague: President of Delta Gamma

It’s time for another look at the leading ladies of Villanova Greek Life! I recently chatted with Madison Montague, President of Delta Gamma’s Zeta Alpha chapter here at Villanova University. She is currently a junior nursing major and sociology minor (you go, girl!) hailing from Coronado, California. Learn more about Madison below!

Madison throwing what she knows at a DG function!

Her Campus: What is your favorite part about being the president of Delta Gamma?

Madison Montague: My favorite part about being the president is that I have the privilege of leading this specific group of women. These women are some of the most impressive people I know, and they are constantly pushing themselves to be the best in everything they do. Our members are so passionate about Delta Gamma and Service for Sight, but also about all of their individual service projects and organizations as well.

HC: What are 3 goals you wish to accomplish during your presidency?

MM: Firstly, I want to continue developing our positive image on campus through public relation, philanthropic, and educational events while simultaneously growing an even stronger sense of personal and social responsibility and awareness as a chapter. I also want to work to ensure transparency among all members of the chapter, and encourage everyone who wants to be involved to have outlets and resources to do that. Thirdly, I’m looking to support academic efforts of sisters in non-traditional ways like supporting the development and achievement of personal goals rather than focusing only on study hours and GPA standards.

HC: What is your biggest challenge as the president of DG?

MM: My biggest challenge with being president, personally, is managing my time. Other than being president, I’m also a nursing major with a sociology minor, in Ambassadors, a RUIBAL chair, a student facilitator for the leadership learning community, a member of Nurses without borders and SNAP, a peer mentor, and have a job in a biology lab. Trying to balance all of my different activities can prove challenging at times, but what makes it possible for me is the confidence I have in our chapter, and all the support I get from them. I know that if I need help with something I can reach out to any member of this chapter and they would be more than willing to help.

Madison with her twin, Bridget (left), and her big, Delia (middle), on Bid Day 2017

HC: What is your favorite thing about Villanova?

MM: My favorite thing about Villanova is how interconnected everyone is despite being so incredibly diverse in interests and passions. I loved that at this university it’s not only possible, but encouraged, to be a part of a bunch of different clubs and organizations.

HC: What is something that a stranger wouldn’t know about you?

MM: My favorite land animal is a capybara!

HC: What do you enjoy doing outside of your sorority?

MM: I really love volunteering. I’ve been involved with campus ministry through the RUIBAL program for three years now. My freshman year I went to North Light Community center to tutor and play with children. Sophomore year I continued as a leader for the program where I had the opportunity to return to North Light. Now as a Junior, I am a chair for the program, and work on the more administrative side of it all, but still enjoy the occasional visit and hearing all the stories from my leaders.

HC: Favorite food to order at brunch?

MM: Chocolate chip pancakes!

HC: Starbucks or Dunkin?

MM: Hannah Durnin, my friend who is also in DG, recently converted me to Dunkin! I’m a big fan of the app.

Madison and Hannah at a DG philanthrophy event

HC: Bachelor or Bachelorette?

MM: Bachelorette

HC: Every spring, Delta Gamma has the “Anchorman” formal, where a guy on campus will win the privilege of being DG’s Anchorman. Who’s your dream Anchorman?

MM: Definitely Zac Efron

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