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Meet Elizabeth O’Malley: President of Pi Beta Phi

To continue highlighting the leadership behind our sororities, I recently interviewed Elizabeth O’Malley, President of Pi Beta Phi here at Villanova! Elizabeth is a junior Political Science major (with minors in Irish Studies and Global Health) from New York City.

Elizabeth O’Malley, Pi Beta Phi President, throwing up her V’s with some of her sisters

Her Campus Villanova: What is your favorite part about being the president of your sorority? 

Elizabeth O’Malley: I love how Pi Phi has shaped my college experience and made me the student and person I am today. For instance, I have been blessed with the opportunity to give back to people who have given me so much, so in a way it’s like I’m getting to pay it forward. I’ve gotten so much out of my time in Pi Phi, so now it’s my turn to give back by welcoming in new people and giving my time and effort to our chapter in return for all I have gained. I also love being in a position to advocate for our chapter in the Greek community and the community at large by speaking for our values, efforts, and all the things we believe in. 


HC: What are 3 goals you wish to accomplish during your presidency?

EO: I really hope to create a greater membership experience for all of our members, new and old, and to create an organization that people are really proud to be members of, in terms of pride in our values, what we stand for, and who Pi Phi is on a national level. I also want to try to grow our philanthropic events and spread the word even more about children’s literacy and how much it furthers the cycle of poverty. Literacy is something you don’t really think about that often because we tend to take it for granted, but being able to read is so crucial for upward mobility and creating a stable future for yourself and your family. 


HC: What is your biggest challenge as the president of your sorority?

EO: The biggest challenge, but also the biggest reward in terms of a future career, is how to be an effective servant leader (Pi Phi’s model of leadership) and an effective delegator. It’s rewarding because it gives me a good introduction to the work force in the real world, but there are many drawbacks of having such a heavy personal responsibility. I love that my experiences in college and Greek life will be able to shape my professional experiences, and I have learned so many skills for being an effective leader as a boss and manager in the future. By understanding how to be a good leader now with my experience as President of Pi Phi, I will hopefully feel more comfortable in the work force. Another challenge of mine is being someone people are comfortable coming to and talking to. Even though I have a big role, I never want to be seen as an intimidating leader! Instead, I really strive to be light-hearted and approachable. 


HC: What is your favorite thing about Villanova?

EO: Everything! But in particular, I’ve always felt a comfortable sense of home here, even from as early on as Accepted Students Day! I also love getting to meet people from all types of backgrounds, cultures, and majors, and learning from everybody I meet. 

Elizabeth and Pi Phi sister Caitlin McGorry at an apple-picking sisterhood event.

HC: What is something that a stranger wouldn’t know about you?

EO: I have a folder of world constitutions on my laptop. I know it sounds super nerdy, but I love studying different parts of the world and learning about how history has shaped cultures and politics today. Which is why I love being a Poli Sci major! 


HC: What do you enjoy doing ouside of your sorority?

EO: I love watching sports, especially basketball games! I also love spending time with my family. As an only child, I really value my relationships with my cousins, who sort of serve the purpose of older siblings for me.


HC: Qdoba or Chipotle?

EO: Chipotle because I didn’t know Qdoba even existed until this year! However, I do have respect for both equally. 


HC: Starbucks or Dunkin?

EO: Starbucks, hands down! During the summer you can always find me with a Venti Peach Iced Tea Lemonade, my favorite drink. 


HC: Favorite guilty pleasure TV shows?

EO: Desperate Housewives, Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, The Arrangement. But my all-time favorite and deepest guilty pleasure is definitely Army Wives!


HC: Who would be your dream date to a function?

EO: Definitely Scott Eastwood, but preferably if he was just a tad bit taller. 

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