I Created My First Mood Board

I’m not a very good DIY-er (and I'm not even sure that making DIY a verb is appropriate in any sense). I like to pretend that I am by filling Pinterest boards with cute gifts that I intend to give to all my friends for Christmas, and with dorm ideas that I keep meaning to craft into reality. But in all honesty, the first time I tried to make a no-bake cake-in-a-mug from a recipe I found on Pinterest, it ended up looking like a failed volcano at a children’s science fair. And it tasted even worse.

The closest I get to crafting is using stickers to my benefit; filling scrapbook pages with them and organizing the cutest ones from Redbubble onto my laptop cover. So I decided that I would put my sticker love to good use, and try (for the billionth time) to craft.

I think that mood and vision boards are the cutest ideas ever, but I never knew how to make one. I found it described as “typically a combination of images, fonts, colors, and textures that define the style of the project. It is a tool for creatives and clients to come to an agreement about style.”

And a vision board described as “any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.”

But I wasn’t trying to use it for any professional purpose at all, nor did I have a specific goal that I was trying to achieve by making it. I perused dozens of creativity blogs before realizing that there is no right or wrong way to create them, and all I wanted was to give myself something I could look to if I wanted inspiration to keep going (especially throughout finals).

Over Thanksgiving break I took to Michael’s to grab a sturdy posterboard and Sharpie paint markers, and I express-shipped $29 worth of stickers from Redbubble to my home address. Creatively calling my mood board “Fall/Winter 2016-17”, I bordered the poster with the stickers and some glitter, and cut out some of my favorite pictures of myself with friends and family to paste on. I finished it off by using my Sharpie paint markers to write some of my favorite quotes, lyrics, and words in the open spaces!

I came back to school with my mood board and hung it up over my desk so I could have it right in front of me whenever I needed inspiration. Although nothing in my life has really changed since I hung up my mood board, I do feel a lot happier every time I take a look at it. It’s filled with things that I love and words that empower me.

By far my favorite is “Be yourself only for yourself; other people are just people!”

Having that quote consistently in front of me makes me think about it a lot more, and I love that! I would definitely recommend a craft day to create a mood board for yourself. Whether you’re hacking up old magazines or just going through a Pinterest board of your favorite quotes, you can create a mood board out of anything and I can guarantee that you’ll feel a little better about the world whenever you take a glance.